About the PTC

New to the PTC?

Thank you for your interest in the Parents Television Council. We'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about our organization and offer ways that you can get involved and help to protect your children from entertainment’s negative effects. 

The PTC Mission

To protect children and families from graphic sex, violence and profanity in the media, because of their proven long-term harmful effects.

Our Vision

To provide a safe and sound entertainment media environment for children and families across America.

Ways to Make a Difference

1. Be Informed

The PTC aims to provide parents with the tools they need to make informed television viewing decisions. We do this by monitoring primetime television shows on broadcast TV and reviewing many PG and G rated movies. We log all content that could be considered questionable by parents and we give them traffic light ratings according to the amount of sex, violence, and profanity incorporated into the series or film.

Family Guide
We write a short summary of the series or film and list specific content examples to let parents know what they can expect when viewing the show or movie with their children. Note that our traffic light ratings are not meant to take the place of the parents' discretion. Each parent should carefully evaluate the content of the program and decide for his/her own family what is suitable and what is not. We just hope to help make those decisions by acting as a quick reference or guide. Our Family Guide to Primetime Television also helps serve as a quick reference for "what's on TV tonight?" and our PTC Picks will list some more options including cable television shows for every day of the week.

Reviews & Columns
Listed under the News & Reviews section of our website, we feature several columns and studies which keep readers up to date on the BEST and the MOST OUTRAGEOUS TV content and trends.

        - Best of Broadcast TV
        - Worst of Broadcast TV
        - Worst on Cable TV
        - TV Trends
        - Parenting and the Media

Sponsor Information
In addition to our reviews, columns, and studies, we also provide contact information for the sponsors of the programs and the networks themselves. There are many times that a parent may see something inappropriate on television and want to contact the persons responsible. We try to make that easy for you by placing up-to-date contact information on our website (use the links found in our "Action Center" under the "Get Involved" heading). If the viewed content rises to the level of indecency, parents may file a formal complaint with the FCC (also found in the "Action Center").

2. Take Action

The PTC has also organized campaigns that encourage more action to be taken by legislators and other entities involved, such as our Advertiser AccountabilityCable Choice, Broadcast Indecency, Media Violence,  and the Female Sexualization Campaign. When learning about these campaigns you may feel the need to contact your elected officials and ask them to help. You can do so easily in our "Action Center" by choosing the "Contact Congress" option. Just enter your information and search for your House, Senate, or State representatives. You can then click on their information and e-mail them right from that website.

Become an e-alert activist
Sign up to receive our free weekly ebulletins the Weekly Wrap. This electronic communication keeps you informed about fast-breaking news important to you and your family, movie and DVD reviews and more. We’ll frequently send you “Take Action” e-mails and ask that you write the FCC, your elected official or an advertiser. The only thing it takes to be a PTC e-alert activist is a computer, internet connection and a willingness to take action when asked. It’s one of the most important jobs a PTC supporter can do.

Take Action on issues important to you
There will be many occasions that you find something that you'd like to comment on to the FCC, your elected officials, the networks, the advertisers, or your local media outlets. All these people or entities need to hear from you. And with our easy to use "Take Action" options you don't have to wait for us to initiate this correspondence. You can use the resources found on our website to easily communicate your concerns and praises.

Current Campaigns
Advertiser Accountability   |    Cable Choice   |   Broadcast Indecency 
    Media Violence    |    Female Sexualization

Contact the stakeholders
    - The Advertisers
    - The Networks
    - The FCC

3. Join a PTC Grassroots Chapter

Currently there are more than 40 chapters throughout the country that help implement PTC national issues on the local level. Check out the “Grassroots” section of our website and see if there is a chapter in your community. If there is one then e-mail the chapter director and volunteer your time. Every chapter is different but it only takes a few hours a month to spread the PTC word in your community.

4. Spread the Word

The only way we can achieve our goal is if we work together. There really is power in numbers! Please help spread the word about the PTC by passing out flyers or copies of the PTC newsletter, the Insider at PTA meetings, your church or other local community events. Our "Spread the Word" page can be used to find contact information for media agencies such as your local newspaper or radio station. Just choose "Find Media Contacts" and perform your search. This feature can be used to send letters to the editor or other types of comments relating to your local community. It's a great way to get the word out about the PTC. There are other great features on our "Spread the Word" page as well. Please take advantage of these to inform your community and friends about the PTC. Remember there is strength in numbers. 

5. Donate to the PTC

Want to support the PTC mission but don’t feel like you have time to "Take Action"? A great way help the PTC continue efforts to eradicate sex, violence, and profanity on television is to write a donate to the PTC.  You can make your safe and secure online donation on our website, download a donation form, or you can send in your check payable to the Parents Television Council at 707 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2075, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Either way, your donation is tax deductible. Remember the cable companies are putting up nearly half a billion dollars to try and stop our efforts to achieve Cable Choice for America’s families.

6. Get Free Subscription to the Insider

Donate now and get a free subscription to the PTC newsletter, the Insider. You’ll get all the important information about television indecency, delivered right to your mail box. Not only are you kept in the know, but your subscription helps to financially support the PTC’s mission! Donate just $15 a year to get a year's subscription!

Select one, two or even three ways to help the PTC. Whatever membership level fits your activist lifestyle and pocketbook, your contribution of time and/or money is appreciated.


The power of the PTC is in its members! We need you to help us continue to fight for you and your family.