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Any national dialogue about the sexualization of young girls in the media must be informed by research: what are girls seeing, and how is it affecting them. (Also see PTC studies)


Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls
This report examines and summarizes psychological theory, research and clinical experience addressing the sexualization of girls.The report (a) defines sexualization; (b) examines the prevalence and provides examples of sexualization in society and in cultural institutions, as well as interpersonally and intrapsychically; (c) evaluates the evidence suggesting that sexualization has negative consequences for girls and for the rest of society; and (d) describes positive alternatives that may help counteract the the influence of sexualization.

Sexualization of Young People
Commissioned by the Home Office (UK), This review looks at how sexualized images and messages may be affecting the development of children and young people and influencing cultural norms, and examines the evidence for a link between sexualization and violence.



So Sexy So Soon

Female Chavinist Pigs

Cinderella Ate my Daughter


Films and Documentaries

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Generation M

The Price of Pleasure

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