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Network: ABC Show Day: Monday Show Time: 2000

Production Companies: Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
Producers: Mike Fleiss, Lisa Levenson, Martin Hilton, David Bonhert
Creator: Mike Fleiss

Single father Jason Mesnick, a former contestant on The Bachelorette 4, is back as the new Bachelor -- with 25 ladies vying for his attention and competing to be his final choice as a bride. Episodes focus on the feelings and interaction the women have with Jason and each other. An additional factor is the presence of Jason’s three-year-old son, Ty.

As one might expect from a show about dating, there are frequent sexual references in this series. There is a lot of kissing and some implied sexual activity. There is also a fair amount of innuendo; in one episode, the ladies have plaster casts made of their busts to be auctioned off for charity. One contestant says, “It’s my first date with Jason, and basically I took off my clothes and he rubbed my boobs”. The Bachelor also features foul language: both bleeped f- and s-words, and unbleeped words like “ass” and “bitch.” Violence is not a problem for the program.

The Bachelor is not recommended for viewers under age 18.