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MPAA Rating: TV-14Description:

Network: NBC Show Day: Monday Show Time: 2000


10:00 p.m. (ET) Mondays

Production Companies: Davis Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television

Producers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, John Davis, John Fox, Joe Carnahan

Creator: Jon Bokenkamp

International terrorism “information broker” and criminal Raymond Reddington unexpectedly surrenders himself to the FBI, claiming knowledge of terrorist threats to the nation. For reasons known only to himself, Reddington insists on dealing only with Liz Keen, a young profiler who has just graduated from FBI training school. The two engage in a constant battle of wits: Liz tries to get information about upcoming terrorist operations, while Reddington tries to “groom” Liz for his own purposes.

The Blacklist is extremely dark in both tone and content. The first episode contained large amounts of graphic violence: a terrorist tortures Liz’s husband in an extended sequence, beating him bloody and stabbing him repeatedly as Liz is forced to watch. Liz later stabs Reddington to get information, and is the victim of a terrorist attack with machine guns, car crashes, and explosives, during which a little girl is abducted and threatened. Violence of this kind has continued, with the series featuring depictions of torture and brutal murder.  Profanity includes uses of “damn,” “hell,” “bitch,” and “dick.” Sexual content is rare and includes moderate innuendo and sex implied but not shown.

The Blacklist is not recommended for children under age 18.