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Former Model Joins PTC In Calling for FTC Investigation Into Marketing of ‘Spring Breakers’

Says Sex, Drugs & Violence are Being Marketed to Children

Release Date: 3/21/2013

LOS ANGELES (March 21, 2013 – Today, former model Nicole Clark and director of Cover Girl Culture joined the new “4 Every Girl” campaign to call for concerned parents to contact the Federal Trade Commission about the marketing of R-rated Spring Breakers to an underage audience through Seventeen magazine.

“Many teens grew up watching Vanessa Hudgens in Disney’s High School Musical franchise and Selena Gomez in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place – both entertaining and wholesome programs enjoyed by millions of children over the years,” said Nicole Clark.

“It is natural that as these actresses enter their late teens and twenties they will take on more mature roles. This does not justify marketing their new R-rated film to their child fans. Seventeen magazine and the film’s distributors are promoting an R-rated film to readers who are 12 - 19 years old. 2/3 of Seventeen readers are underage for this film.
“According to the MPAA’s ratings there is ‘strong sexual content (one of which is a three-some), nudity, drug use and violence throughout.’ If tobacco companies are banned from marketing cigarettes in teen magazines, why would sex, violence, and drugs get approval?

“This stunt has inevitably given the film free press coverage. There should be a price to pay for this inexcusable and irresponsible act against our young girls. Too many companies have learned they can earn national, free press coverage through shock and awe stunts. There needs to be a heavy fine to deter this irresponsible behavior.

“The Federal Trade Commission has an obligation to examine the ways this R-rated film has been marketed to children.

“We hope that Hearst and Seventeen magazine will take responsibility for the harmful sexual and violent messages they’ve promoted and remove the harmful ads aimed at their young readership. We will be asking all concerned parents and families to join us in contacting the FTC to advocate for responsible advertisements,” Clark concluded.

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