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Worst of the Week

American Dad on Fox

Release Date: 4/25/2013

On his raunchy Sunday-night cartoons Family Guy and American Dad on Fox, Seth MacFarlane has always eagerly “pushed the envelope;” and, with the apparent approbation of the do-nothing Federal Communications Commission, MacFarlane consistently gets away with deluging families and children with ever-more extreme violence, profanity, and especially sexual content. But vile as past episodes have been, the program hit a new low in shoving utterly inappropriate content at its young audience – which is why the Sunday, April 14th episode of Fox’s American Dad (9:30 p.m. ET/PT) is positively the Worst TV Show of the Week.  

In the episode, titled "The Missing Kink," wife Francine wants to spice things up in the bedroom with her square husband, Stan. Yes, that is the ENTIRE PLOT of a half-hour cartoon aimed at kids, and which Fox rated appropriate for 14 year olds.


The episode opens with Stan and Fran just finished having sex.

Stan: “How good are we at that?”

Stan unfurls a sign above the headboard which reads, "Missionary Accomplished.’

Fran: “Stan, don't you ever, well, get bored?...I mean, it's the missionary position every time.”

Stan: “Yes, the way God wants it. Fun fact: the church sent missionaries to America to teach the Indians the proper way to have sex. In turn, they taught us the proper way to sit in the second grade.”

Fran: “But what if we're missing out of something we might like even better. I could bring in some whipped cream. Or some jelly.”

Stan: “Jelly? Do I look like toast to you, Francine?”

Fran: “All right, Stan. I'm just asking you to open your mind to something new.”


Later, Stan spanks his son Steve for a minor infraction. Fran objects.

Stan: “What? It's not a big deal. I don't even hit him that hard. Look, I'll show you.”

Stan puts Fran over his lap and begins spanking her. Fran’s eyes light up as she enjoys being spanked, and tricks him into spanking her more – to the point where she offers to take her son’s spankings, as it sexually stimulates her.

Think that is disgusting content for a cartoon? The show is just getting started.

Down at the bar, Stan commiserates with his alien friend Roger:

Stan: “She wants me to spank her in bed. It's sick.”

Roger: “Stan, everyone has something a little different that they like. Something a little naughty, a little kinky.”

Stan: “Not me.”

Roger: “Oh, honey, everyone has a kink. You just need to find yours.”


There follows a huge musical production number, complete with explicit descriptions of perverse sex acts – and the visuals accompanying the song are even more obvious.

Roger sings:

“You're buttoned up and prude/not an ounce of you is crude.

And your tendencies in bed leave women snoring.

But if you look deep down inside/and put aside your foolish pride,

there are fantasies and holes that need exploring.

Close your eyes and picture Francine as a French maid.

Instead of wearing that same dress that's sort of mink.

Sure, you'd rather be on top/and give three quick (bleeped) and stop,

but I know deep down inside you've got a kink.”


“You've got a kink!

You've got a kink!

Don't be afraid to put a finger in the stink.

Though I know you might be shy,

Let me show you things to try.

'Cause like everyone you know, you've got a kink.”

Roger escorts him into an elevator and they descend to a dungeon where the following sexual practices are shown:

- The obese  high school principal Lewis is shown, wearing only a thong. Flanking him are a pair of women in bikini-style lingerie. One wears a dog collar and holds a chain.
- Roger appears, wearing an 18th century corseted dress with high boots Toshi's father wears panties and fishnet stockings. He flogs his wife, who hangs from the ceiling with chains around her wrists. She is pulled into a torture position, her spine bent backwards and her feet are chained to the wall.
- A naked man, his wrists bound and a lampshade on his head, stands facing a wall.
- A woman straddles another man wearing a Gumby-style wetsuit. Lewis hugs two women, one dressed as a nurse, another in a Catwoman-style mask and corset. In the background, naked people are seen in cages hanging from the ceiling.

Principal Lewis:

“Imagine yourself living without limits.

You've got whips and chains. Who needs a shrink?

Cause if you watch me with the ladies/what we do won't cause no babies.

Take a tip from me and go and find your kink.”

All: “You've got a kink. He's got a kink.“

Principal: “There's so much here to see, try not to blink. So if you dig on women's feet,”

Man: “Don't be afraid, turn up that heat.”  

A man is shown in a hot tub, surrounded by women’s feet.

Principal: “'Cause like everybody else you've got a kink.”

An elderly man is shown naked but for panties, bound spread-eagled to a large wooden “X.” A masked dominatrix stands beside him. Lewis spins the “X” in like a wheel of fortune. Roger swings by on a trapeze. A naked man, wearing only underwear, hangs upside-down from the ceiling.

Stan: “I love sleeping with Francine/and I'm used to my routine,

but you think it may be time to make a change.

So I'll try out something new,/like when Carradine turned blue.”

Stan ties a noose around his neck and holds it up, as if to strangle himself.

Stan: “Who am I to think my wife is sick and strange. I've got a kink, I've got a kink.”

Stan swings on the trapeze, wearing a bondage outfit and garters. Below, as part of the orgy, are seen clowns, nurses, dominatrices, and various farm animals. Roger wears a Nazi SS uniform.

Roger: “Remember what I said about the stink.”

Man: “So if you like us old…”

An elderly man, wearing knee britches and stockings, shirtless but wearing a Dutch Boy bowtie, collar, and hat, and holding a lollipop, rocks on a swing.

Man: “…or fat…”

A grossly obese man reclines next to a woman wearing a Princess Leia metal bikini costume.

Bullock: “…or furry/You won't be judged, we're not a jury,”

A pile of people wearing cartoon character animal costumes are shown singing. Another man, wearing bondage gear and a ball gag, are shown.

Roger: “'Cause way down deep inside we've all got a kink.”  

Stan: “Yes, way down deep inside I've got a kink! [ends song] “I've got to bring Francine home and let her know I've found my kink.”

Roger: “I'm proud of you, Stan. So which kink is it?”

Stan: “All of them!” Roger: “Uh-oh.”

Sickened yet? Believe it or not, the episode gets worse.


Stan and Fran prepare to have sex in their bedroom, as Principal Lewis and his male companion Margaritte watch. Fran, wearing a negligee, turns on a leaf blower with a latex glove at the end of it. Principal Lewis and Margaritte watch with eyes wide open, mouths agape.

Time elapses: A cat holding popsicles flies across the room; Margaritte and Lewis embrace one another with tears in their eyes; they eat sandwiches; shake their heads in disapproval; cover their eyes; watch something spin on the ceiling; a little person slides across the floor – all of this implied to be involved in the sex Stan and Fran are having.

Later, Fran complains to Roger at the bar.

Fran: “This isn't what I wanted. Roger, Stan is out of control. It's like he can't get enough. I've created a monster.”

Roger: “I was hoping - afraid - this might happen. We need to shock the beast back into his cage. We gotta push him over the edge. I know what I have to do.”

Roger spins on the barstool and magically changes into a full-body latex suit, as though he is a giant condom. He pours a lubricant on himself and enters the bedroom.

Roger: “Okay if I jump in, Stan?”

Stan: “Yes, yes. More, more!”

Margaritte: “Oh, that is not supposed to be.”

But that’s STILL not as disgusting as this program gets:


Cut to: Hospital room.

Stan is in bed while Fran speaks with an insurance agent.

Fran: “Wow! So we're fully covered?”

Agent: “Yes, ma'am. This is why it pays to have top-of-the-line butt insurance.”

Announcer: (sings) “Dark Star is there.”

Fran: “Oh, how do you feel, Honey?”

Stan: “Uh, not great. I guess I over did it with the whole kinky thing, huh?”

Fran: “Oh, Stan, this is all my fault.”

Stan: “What do you mean? This was my idea. You just wanted to be spanked.”

Fran: “No, I pushed you to do something you were uncomfortable with when I should have just accepted that this is how you are.”

 Roger: (from inside Stan's stomach) “Sometimes people are repressed for a reason. And once you start to un-repress them, the flood gates open and, voila!”

Fran: “I never should have tried to change you, honey. I'm sorry. And don't worry, Roger will be out of you soon. They just paged the Asian doctor with the small hands.”  

Roger: “Well, she's in for a fight because I'm starting to like it in here.”

Stan: “Francine are you sure you're okay with going back to our normal sex routine? You really don't need to be spanked?” Fran: “No, honey, all I need is you.”

The program’s “happy” ending is provided when Fran joins a woman’s softball team. After getting a hit, her teammates smack her rear as they pass. Fran smiles as she secretly enjoys it.

Recently, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski announced a new policy on the FCC’s enforcement of laws against indecency on broadcast TV. Instead of every use of profanity or “sexual or excretory content” being subject to fines, Genachowski announced that henceforth only “egregious” indecency would be fined or regulated. Neither the chairman nor his staff have stated precisely what constitutes “egregious” content. (In fact, Genachowski has applauded a major league baseball player for using the f-word in front of millions of viewers, including children.)

Thus, it is entirely possible that this entire episode of American Dad – an episode replete with blatant verbal and visual references to bizarre and perverted sexual practices, rated by Fox as suitable for 14 year old children, and aired at 8:30 p.m. Central/Mountain – would not be considered indecent by the current regime at the FCC.

But the American people disagree. Before Genachowski’s proposed new regulatory regime can officially be adopted, the public must be allowed to comment. Currently, over 80,000 Americans have filed public comments on the FCC’s website, begging the FCC to retain the old standard and keep grossly indecent content off the publicly-owned airwaves.

By any reasonable standard, programs like American Dad are grossly indecent, and have no place on the public airwaves; and if Fox insists on airing them, the network and its affiliates should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

We at the PTC urge all readers to do the following:  

1) file an indecency complaint against this episode of American Dad  

2) post a public comment DEMANDING the FCC keep current indecency standards  

3) write to President Obama and urge him to appoint an FCC chairman responsive to the will of the American people  

4) contact McDonalds, and tell them you do not appreciate their supporting this kind of program for your children  

YOUR ACTIVISM is the only way to assure that your children will not be exposed to this kind of programming in the future. PLEASE take action now!