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Movie Review

Seasons of Gray

Christopher Gildemeister

Release Date: 9/1/2013

MPAA Rating: PG-13 : Description: For a scene of violence and some thematic elements

Starring: Andrew Cheney, Akron Watson, Megan Parker, Roderick Lang, Jonathan Brooks

Brady Gray is the favorite son of his rancher father – and the target of jealousy by his half-brothers. Enraged by their father’s favoritism, Brady’s brothers attack him and force him away from the ranch. Brady finds work, but a false accusation of sexual assault by his boss’ wife lands him in prison. In deep depression, Brady is befriended by a religious group of fellow inmates, who help him change his perspective. Then, Brady’s gift for understanding others’ dreams gets him released from prison, and sees him back at his old job with a top executive position. But when he learns that his brothers and the ranch are in financial trouble, Brady is faced with his greatest challenge: does he take revenge for their treatment of him – or forgive?

Seasons of Gray contains minimal content of concern. Brady’s brothers beat him up and brand him with a cattle iron, then pay a trucker to haul him away; but apart from bruises and bloody noses, the violence is not graphic. Brady has a minor scuffle while in prison, and another prisoner is killed, though the murder is not shown. Brady’s false arrest and phony accusation of sexually assaulting his boss’ wife are discussed, but nothing sexual is seen. Though the film is rated PG-13, it is actually safe and appropriate for much younger viewers.

This film confronts viewers with some of the most difficult questions of life: why do bad things happen to good people, apparently without reason? Why do the innocent suffer, and the guilty prosper? Is there a greater meaning to the sufferings people undergo? Throughout the film, the importance of faith in Christ is explicitly and repeatedly espoused and affirmed, both by Brady and by his fellow prisoners.

Because of its powerful presentation of timeless themes, and its strong lessons for viewers, the Parents Television Council is proud to award Seasons of Gray with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM. The PTC recommends this film for viewers over age seven.

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SEX Brief discussion of sexual assault
VIOLENCE Fights, blood, death implied
LANGUAGE "nut", "damn", "hell"