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Best of the Week

The Middle on ABC

Catherine Nailog

Release Date: 10/31/2013

Life is sweet when one celebrates the milestones in life. And it’s even sweeter and more fun when a favored family, The Hecks, celebrated their hometown’s 100th birthday. ABC’s 100th episode broadcast of The Middle on Wednesday, October 23rd at 8:00 p.m. (ET) was a hilarious look into family life as The Hecks wreak havoc on Orson’s centennial celebration. The show has been honored with the title of Best TV Show of the Week.

Mike received a call regarding his and Frankie’s involvement with The Orsontennial. At first, Frankie denied ever volunteering, but then remembered that while drinking too much at the Fourth of July party she agreed to drive a float at the parade. Brick was excited to join Orson’s motto contest. The winner would get to ride in an old-time fire truck, and his or her motto would be used for the next 100 years. Some of Brick’s suggestions included “Orson: 100 years of fun” and “Orson: you don’t look a day over 99.” Darrin and Sean arrived at Axl’s house trying to decide how Boss Co. could make money during the centennial. Axl came up with the idea of creating a VIP experience in the city of Orson.

During a planning meeting, Frankie and Mike tried to get out of driving a float in the parade, but Nancy told them that they were driving the cow, the biggest of the floats. Once again, Frankie remembered saying at the Fourth of July party that she wanted to drive the biggest float they had. Even Bill Norwood had mentioned how lucky they were to drive the cow float, the world’s largest polyurethane cow. Besides, Nancy brought her homemade brownies during the meeting, making it even harder to say no. Frankie then thought 100 years was a milestone and very important to celebrate.

Sue still had feelings for Darrin and wanted to get to know Angel, his new girlfriend. If she was right for him, Sue would move on with her life. So Sue went to Angel’s salon where she got to know her while getting a new hairstyle. She revealed to Brad that Angel wasn’t right for Darrin, but Brad was distracted by her fabulous new hairstyle. She didn’t know what to do about Darrin, and Brad suggested that she should make him jealous.

Frankie and Mike camped overnight on the side of the cow float. Frankie was actually having a good time and thought about how much the town had given to their family. Frankie recalled how she and Mike were supposed to have relocated to Chicago but, because of a faulty gas cap, didn’t make it. Mike confessed that the gas cap story wasn’t real. The move to Chicago just hadn’t felt right to him. Frankie wondered why he didn’t tell her at the time. He didn’t want to have a big fight, being a young couple; they weren’t used to fighting then. Frankie wasn’t mad but rather glad to have built a life in Orson.

It’s the day of the parade. Nancy gave Frankie and Mike walkie-talkies; Frankie would be Mike’s eyes and ears in the front of the cow while he drove from the back. Frankie and Mike weren’t happy with the tight accommodations of the float. Boss Co.’s plan of VIP seating at the parade was a bust. No one wanted premium seating at the parade, including an old man who didn’t want anyone to think that he was fancy.

Brick came up with the motto, “Orson: the Heartland’s hidden gem,” which impressed Frankie. But it wasn’t impressive enough for him to win the contest. A woman with the motto, “Orson: why not?” won. Brick tried to get past his disappointment of losing the motto contest. He even stood up from his seat and complained how wrong the new motto was was until free shirts were given to the crowd. Brick couldn’t resist anything with a good font, including a T-shirt with the new motto.

Axl was upset to find Sue and Brad in the VIP area. Axl told Sean that they shouldn’t be there because it would become the dork area once they were admitted. Sue and Brad attempted to make Darrin jealous by serenading each other with the song, “Summer Nights.” Once they started singing, Sean agreed with Axl that they had to leave. After getting kicked out of the VIP section, Sue spoke to Brad about how Darrin has moved on with his life. She hoped that they would turn out to be like her parents who at the time were arguing over driving the cow. Frankie didn’t want Mike to flatten a clumsy baton twirler. They both complained about being cramped, and then complained about Nancy Donahue and Bill Norwood over the walkie-talkies. Little did they know that their conversation could be heard by everyone who was on the same channel.

The cow float caught on fire as it snagged an electrical line set up by Boss Co. to cook burgers in the VIP section. People started to scream and flee. Nancy and Bill tried to signal Frankie and Mike, who didn’t know that the cow was on fire, but luckily they got out just in time. Sue was standing in the burning cow’s path as Darrin carried her to safety. She thought this act of courage was a sign that there might be a future for them after all. Unfortunately, the only way to douse the flames on the cow was to dump it at the local swimming pool. But the parade wasn’t a complete lost. The Hecks and other town people enjoyed the musical stylings of Ron Cougar Mellencamp, Indiana’s number four John Cougar Mellencamp impersonator according to Yelp.

Life’s best moments should be celebrated, as shown by The Hecks at The Orsontennial. Frankie and Mike were thankful for staying in Orson, for it was there that they’ve made friends, raised a family, and built a life together, and those achievements are the ones to commemorate and to cherish particularly in a place that one calls home. And that is why the show has been given the honor of Best TV Show of the Week .



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