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Worst of the Week

Family Guy on Fox

Release Date: 10/2/2014

The “crossover” is considered a time-honored tradition in the lifespan of any comic book series, film franchise, or television show. As for television, these episodes often occur when a show’s creators decide to merge two or more fictional characters, settings, or universes into one single storyline. A classic example of a “crossover” is when Darrin and Samantha Stephens from the ABC series Bewitched appeared as the new neighbors in Bedrock on the 1960’s animated series The Flintstones. More recently, the NBC crime drama Chicago P.D. has had several episodes where the Chicago detectives “crossover” with both Chicago Fire and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Most recently, on the 13th season premiere of Fox’s Family Guy, the Griffin family is forced to leave their home in Quahog, Rhode Island, and find themselves stranded in Springfield, home of The Simpsons. At first the two families enjoy each other’s company and revel in their similarities to one another, but after some time they grow to dislike each other, to the point where Peter and Homer attempt to kill each other in a long, drawn-out fight sequence. For many children and young adults, The Simpsons have always been on television, and there aren’t any indications that the show will end anytime in the near future. However, after their appearance on Family Guy, many viewers will be left wondering why the Simpson family had taken such an uncharacteristic turn toward over-the-top violence, sexual abuse “humor,” and overtly sexual acts. Fox’s Family Guy takes every joke too far for children and teenaged viewers to enjoy without being subjected to mature adult content. That is why, after 12 seasons and 2 cancelations, Family Guy is officially the Worst TV Show of the Week.

In the opening scene, Peter creates a comic strip that is published in the local newspaper. Peter admits that the editor of the newspaper owed him a favor because Peter once gave him a picture of Spider-Man. In a cut-away scene, Peter hands the newspaper editor a picture of a woman bending over exposing her thong underwear and in the background of the photo is Spider-Man.

Peter: “Yeah, I got a whole sub-Reddit of superhero thong shots.”

Later at The Drunken Clam, Peter and his friends discuss Peter’s popular new comic strip.

Quagmire: “Hey, how about one where you draw a sock, and it says ‘Sock it to me,’ or maybe draw Lois taking a hot-tub dump, and she just says whatever?”

The next day, Lois is outraged when she sees Peter’s latest comic strip. The comic is of a man throwing a dead woman’s body on a table and telling another man “My dishwasher broke!”

Peter: “Ah, you’re just not getting it, Lois. See, his wife washed dishes for him.”

Peter is invited to a daytime talk show called “The Flow” to answer for his offensive comic strip. The host shows Peter’s follow-up comic strip to the audience. The comic shows the same man throwing the same dead woman toward another man saying “My vacuum broke!” and the other man replying “Oh. I remember you from yesterday.” The audience begins to “boo” Peter. The host asks Peter if he has any idea how offensive he is toward women.

Peter: “What?! I love women. I bet I can name more porn stars than you. But don’t tell my wife how many porn stars I know. I’ll get in a lot of trouble. I know all of ‘em, though. There are people who just started an hour ago, and I know ‘em.”

Back at the Griffin family home, a violent group of protestors begin throwing bricks through the windows. Peter decides that he and the family should leave Quahog until things cool down.

After driving for a while, Peter pulls over at a gas station to get snacks and rest. When the family walks out of the convenience store they see someone driving off with their car, leaving the Griffins stranded. They walk to a sign nearby that indicates that they are in a town called Springfield. The Griffins walk into town and Chris, Peter’s teenage son, begins complaining about being hungry.

Peter: “Lois, whip out your boob. Give the boy his lunch.”

Chris: “Listen to the man.”

Brian: “Yeah, Lois, listen to the man.”

The Griffins stop in the local Kwik-E-Mart but they have no money. Homer Simpson hears their story and offers to buy them some donuts. After they exchange introductions, Homer takes the Griffins to the local police department to report their stolen car. Chief Wiggum asks Peter some procedural questions.

Chief Wiggum: “Did you contribute to the policeman's ball?”

Peter: “No.”

Chief Wiggum: “Aw, that's too bad, 'cause he really needs one. He had an accident last week.”

Lou: “Yeah, um, I tried to jump over a parking meter.”

The Simpsons invite the Griffins to stay at their home until they find their car. Marge says that Bart is away at camp so they won’t be able to meet him. Suddenly, Bart bursts through the front door exclaiming why he was kicked out of camp.

Bart: “I super-glued my counselor’s butt cheeks together.”

Marge: “That’s terrible. But how did you even get access to his butt cheeks?”

Bart: “I’m not the only one who got kicked out of camp.”

Bart invites Stewie and Brian up to his bedroom. After showing them his slingshot, Bart suggests they do some prank calls. They call Moe’s Tavern, and Bart uses his standard prank technique:

Bart: “Yeah, I’m looking for a friend. Last name Keebum, first name Lee.”

Moe: “Hang on, I’ll check. Hey, guys, do I got a Lee Keebum? Come on, look at the stools, is there a Lee Keebum? Somebody check the rear, I know I got a Lee Keebum.”

Barney: “Then you probably shouldn’t be handling food.”

Bart begins to laugh and then hangs up. Stewie is impressed and asks if he could try it himself.

Stewie: “Hello, Moe? Your sister's being raped.”

Stewie turns back to Bart and asks: “Is that . . . Is that one?”

Later, Brian and Chris are taking the Simpson family dog, Santa’s Little Helper, on a walk around Springfield.

Chris: “Wow, they’ve made a lot of changes to Quahog!”

Brian: “Chris, we’re in a different town.”

Chris: “Oh. Is that why there was blood in my stool?”

Brian: “No. That sounds like a separate issue.”

Brian complains about Santa’s Little Helper being stupid so he unhooks his leash and he immediately runs away from them.

Brian: “Damn it, he's gone. We're screwed.”

At the park, Bart teaches Stewie how to skateboard. They are interrupted by Nelson, the bully, who punches Bart in the stomach leaving him writhing on the ground in pain. Upon seeing this, Stewie creates a trap for Nelson and knocks him out using a tranquilizer dart.

Meanwhile, Homer and Peter search for the Griffins' car. Homer decides that in order to find the car they must first think like a car. So the two of them walk to a gas station and begin drinking gasoline straight from the pump. After feeling sick, they see a woman filling her gas tank by inserting the pump into the rear of her car.

Peter: “Ah, crap.”

He and Homer drop their pants. (Peter's butt is shown; Homer's stomach covers his crotch.)

Cut to: the exterior of a German porn shop called, "Video Erotich"

The customer asks in German, "Where is Homer and Peter with Chevron pump?"

The clerk points to a shelf labelled, "Gassensexen," filled with DVDs of Homer and Peter on the covers with a gas pump. Both of them begin to remove their pants exposing their bare butts. When that plan fails, Homer and Peter host a car wash that is advertised as free for “stolen” vehicles. They don’t find Peter’s car, but they decide to go ahead with the car wash anyway. Sudddenly, Homer and Peter begin walking toward the vehicles with their shirts tied up in a knot, exposing their stomachs, women’s high heeled shoes and also wearing short denim shorts that expose the lower portion of their butts. The two men seductively wash the cars, pressing their bodies against the windows and dousing each other with soap and water.

Meanwhile in the Simpsons' garage, Nelson wakes up to find that he is bound and gagged. Instruments of torture surround him while Stewie begins an evil monologue. Stewie jumps up on Nelson’s lap and removes his shorts. Stewie asks Nelson if he's hungry and proceeded to tell Nelson to "eat his shorts" as he force feeds Nelson his shorts.

Homer and Peter find the Griffin family car after the old man driving it runs over Peter. Moments later, Grandpa Simpson also runs over Peter.

At Moe’s Tavern, Homer tries a sip of Peter’s Pawtucket Patriot Ale from Quahog and is shocked to find out that it is just a cheap rip-off of his favorite beer, Duff. An attorney over hears this and informs Peter that he will be sued as the representative of the Quahog Brewery.

Lois: “A lot of people's jobs are riding on this.”

Peter: “I got a job for you riding on something.”

In the audience of the court room, Quagmire strikes up a conversation with Lenny.

Quagmire: “You like sex?”

Lenny: “Eh.”

Quagmire: “I don't think we're very similar.”

Serving as judge over the trial, Fred Flintstone finds in favor of Duff.

Back at the Simpson home, the Griffins pack up their things and say their goodbyes. Meg reveals that she carved Lisa’s name into her arm so she can remember her. The scars on her arm appear jagged and raw. When Stewie says goodbye to Bart, he opens the garage and shows Bart that he has captured all of Bart’s enemies and locked them in the garage. Bart doesn’t approve of Stewie’s actions and walks over to Nelson to untie him. After Nelson is set free he punches Bart in the stomach and laughs.

While watching the Griffins pack the rest of their things, Homer attempts to apologize but Peter is not receptive.

Peter: “I'm saying the Simpsons suck.”

Suddenly, Homer and Peter start beating each other up as they traverse across Springfield. At one point, Homer strangles Peter.

Peter: “What the hell? That really hurts.”

Homer: “No, it doesn’t! I do it to my son all the time.”

Peter: “You strangle your son? That’s insane. No wonder he's fat and stupid and masturbates all the time.”

Homer: “That's your son!”

The fighting continues, triggering explosions and injuring various people along the way. They make their way to the nuclear power plant and fall into the radioactive waste. The radiation gives them both super powers and the fight becomes even more over the top. Towards the end of the battle, Peter pins one of Homer's arms down with a rock, and kneels over him holding his other shoulder down. Peter raises a rock over his head intending to use it to kill Homer. In a desperate act, Homer bites Peter in the crotch. The long fight scene ends when Homer appears to be dismembered in half by a falling spaceship. But after some time he simply gets up and walks away. Peter and Homer agree that they both don’t like each other, but they won’t continue fighting as long as there is a television show in the timeslot between their two shows.

This episode was above and beyond one of the most offensive Family Guy episodes to ever air on broadcast television. Specifically, the misogynistic overtones of Peter’s opinions represent the show’s overall lack of respect for women and any other minority groups represented. With a rating of TV-14 D L S V for suggestive dialogue, offensive language, sexual situations, and excessive violence, this particular episode is uniquely distasteful because it includes the residents of Springfield. It is true that The Simpsons is not entirely representative of a wholesome, family-friendly cartoon. The long-running Fox series has its moments where the proverbial line is crossed, but when compared to the actions and opinions portrayed on Family Guy, it is evident that The Simpsons is a far less objectionable show. The creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, has never taken the television show beyond a TV-PG rating, and that rating is a good indication of the intended audience. Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, has approached his show with completely different intentions -- to reach the most extreme and outlandish conclusion of any joke, no matter how harsh the punchline may be. For subjecting viewers to jokes about rape, cartoon nudity, and disturbing acts of violence, Fox’s Family Guy will remain the Worst TV Show of the Week.


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