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PTC Applauds Amy Schumer for Condemning Societal Violence, Urges Her to Advocate for Less-Violent Entertainment Media Culture

By: Kelly Oliver

Release Date: 8/7/2015

LOS ANGELES (August 7, 2015) – Comedienne and Actress Amy Schumer joined Sen. Chuck Schumer in denouncing the spate of tragic, mass shootings in America, particularly the recent theater shooting in Louisiana where her motion picture was being exhibited. The Parents Television Council praised Ms. Schumer for addressing this issue, and urged her to join PTC efforts in combating another contributing force: graphic media violence.

In a Tweet to Ms. Schumer, the PTC said, “@AmySchumer Thx for your passion on societal violence; pls join us to combat another contributor: media violence.

“Amy Schumer is using her powerful platform of celebrity to call for an end to the devastating and senseless shootings that are gripping our nation, and for that we are truly grateful. We urge her also to use her position of tremendous influence in Hollywood to call on her peers in the industry to reduce the tsunami of graphic, gratuitous and explicit violence in today’s entertainment media,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“On any given night, it is virtually impossible to turn on the television and not be barraged with primetime programming built entirely on or around depictions of graphic violence – especially gun violence, and especially at times of the day when children are likely to be watching. The overwhelming weight of scientific opinion links a child’s consumption of graphic media violence to his or her behavior. If our nation is to adequately address real-life violence, then we must create a media environment that does not glamorize, glorify or celebrate violent behavior.

PTC research has found that broadcast TV shows containing gun violence are most likely to be rated as appropriate for kids aged 14 and younger. And in a one-month period following Vice President Joe Biden’s meeting with Hollywood executives post-Sandy Hook, there were 934 individual scenes of violence on 193 primetime broadcast television shows that were studied by the PTC.

“Hollywood cannot claim to be just a bystander when it produces, distributes and markets violence-saturated entertainment at all times of the day, and to adults and children alike. We are heartened that Ms. Schumer is using her powerful platform to speak out, and we urge her to broaden her advocacy efforts to help create a positive change to the very industry she works in.”

For further information, see the PTC’s recent study of media violence.

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