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PTC Declares Support for VidAngel

PTC President Calls Out Hollywood’s Double-Standard on Filtered Content

By: Kelly Oliver

Release Date: 9/12/2016

LOS ANGELES (September 12, 2016) – Parents Television Council President Tim Winter submitted a declaration in support of VidAngel, a company that offers families the ability to filter adult content from TV and movies, which is being sued by Disney, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros.

Within the declaration Mr. Winter writes, “When Congress passed the Family Movie Act, the legislative intent was crystal clear. Guidelines were put in place. And those guidelines properly balanced the legal and reasonable business needs of Hollywood with the strong public interest goals of making content filtering available to American families. VidAngel has carefully crafted its business operations – at great financial peril to itself – so as to meet the guidelines set forth in the legislation. They are clearly in compliance with both the spirit and the letter of the Family Movie Act. And, just as the legislation intended, millions of families who otherwise would not be able to view a film or a program are now able to do so. Ironically, the VidAngel service actually broadens the market of potential customers for Hollywood’s products.

“The studios that are suing VidAngel must believe that if a standard is good, then a double-standard is twice as good. When Hollywood believes content should be altered or filtered, they eagerly step in and do it themselves. About a decade ago, NBC secured the broadcast rights to the beloved children’s animated series Veggie Tales; but when the network aired the program, they removed references to God – despite the program being created by Christian producers who hoped to share Christian values. And when the television program Duck Dynasty was among the most-watched programs every week, ‘bleeps’ were edited into the programming to suggest harsh profanity was being used, even when no actual profanity was in fact being used. The network wanted to create the false impression in order to bring more ‘edginess’ to the show, despite the fact that the show was so popular precisely because it was squeaky-clean. And on every program on every network, promotional materials are placed above or below the program during its broadcast. The ‘altering’ of the producer’s ‘work’ occurs all hours of every day on every network. The notion that Hollywood must vigorously prevent content filtering or editing for the sake of the creative community doesn’t pass the laugh-test.

“VidAngel is the only service that allows consumers to filter out offensive content while streaming the remaining content to their personal viewing devices, wherever they happen to be. VidAngel is clearly operating within both the spirit and the letter of the Family Movie Act. VidAngel allows each parent and each family to consume entertainment content precisely in accord with their unique standards. If the Hollywood studios convince the Court to impede or interfere with VidAngel’s legitimate and lawful business, American families will be deprived of the very right granted to them by Congress in the Family Movie Act.”

The full text of Mr. Winter’s declaration can be found at

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