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PTC Urges FCC to Answer “Foundational” Questions Before Ruling on KidVid Proposal

By: Kelley Oliver

Release Date: 10/23/2018

LOS ANGELES (October 23, 2018) – The Parents Television Council filed reply comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the Children’s Television Programming Rules (MB Docket No. 18-202), otherwise known as “KidVid.”

In the filing, Parents Television Council President Tim Winter asked the Commission to answer key “foundational” questions before making a final decision to weaken current KidVid regulations.

“Before any material changes to the Kid Vid rules can reasonably be considered, foundational questions must be answered, including: What are the Educational/Informational needs of children, especially in light of the rapid and massive evolution in media technology? What is the public interest obligation of a broadcaster in the 21st Century; and when does an obligation become a burden? What has been the impact of Educational/Informational TV content on children in recent years; and how does that impact differ when compared to a decade ago, or two decades ago? If children aren’t watching today’s E/I content, why is that; and what can/should be done to make it more appealing?” he wrote.

“The NPRM and public comments have failed to answer these foundational questions. Yet a number of the rule changes proposed in this NPRM are so strategic to Kid Vid policy that they cannot reasonably be considered until the aforementioned questions are answered. On the other hand, some of the proposed rule changes (such as frequency of reporting) are only tactical, and reasonably could be considered in this NPRM so as to lessen a broadcaster’s burden.”

Additionally, Winter pointed out that there is missing information in the discussion of changing the KidVid rules and pointed to “corporate profit” as being the prime motivator of these changes.

“Missing entirely from this dialogue are educators, experts in the field of children’s physical and mental health, and parents,” he wrote.

“Thus far, the proposed rule changes appear to be driven primarily by corporate profit. For the record, we like it when companies generate bigger profits. Bigger profits lead to increased investment, increased employment, an overall financial benefit to the economy, and higher taxes to help underwrite the expensive operation of our nation’s government. It is undeniable that the three-hour weekly time block currently set aside for Kid Vid content would generate bigger dollars if used for something other than airing Kid Vid content. But as we consider such an important public interest obligation, we must examine it beyond the corporate financial impact that would come from reducing, altering or eliminating the existing Kid Vid rules.”

Click here to read the PTC’s complete FCC filing on KidVid.

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