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Cialis® (tadalafil) Broadcast Schedule

In 2008, the PTC approached Eli Lilly, makers of the ED drug Cialis, to come up with solutions to give parents some options to help children avoid explicit the adult-oriented Cialis ads shown on many sports programs.

The ads can not be disallowed from airing, but Lilly worked with the PTC  to give a weekly schedule showing when and on what programs the ads will air. These updates for Cialis...and Viagra...will be available every week here on the PTC's website. You can also get the schedule in your email every  Friday if you sign up for our Weekly Wrap.


Cialis Schedule

Viagra Schedule

* Eli Lilly and Company reserves the right to change the Cialis® schedule without notice.



In 2008, Eli Lilly, makers of the ED drug Cialis, listened to the PTC members' worries about children seeing commercials for the drug. Lilly committed to working with the PTC to address parental concerns.

Eli Lilly has held several meetings with the PTC's Corporate Relations department seeking ways to produce advertising which does not feature explicit descriptions of Cialis' side effects. But until those new commercials are approved, produced and put on the air, Lilly is showing its sincere desire to work with parents in helping children avoid explicit Cialis ads by informing us of the programs and times during which their ads will air. These updates will be available every week here on the PTC's website.

The marketplace for pharmaceuticals is a fiercely competitive one, and taking this step puts Lilly at a disadvantage against other ED drug companies. This is a significant concession; but Eli Lilly feels that it is a worthwhile one, since by so doing Lilly is helping to protect our children. The PTC applauds Eli Lilly's responsible actions, and looks forward to working with them further on making their commercials appropriate for all viewers.