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    It’s back to school time and lots of students have electronic devices on their school supply list thanks to the growing popularity of Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiatives. The question is have parents and school districts done...

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    P&G Tops Most-Shared Olympic Ad

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    The NBC network will be home to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics.With the beloved sporting event just a year away, advertisers are gearing up once again to market their products during the event.

    Time and time again, the PTC has told advertisers that...

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    Naked Billboard to Hit Hollywood

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    On Friday, VH1 will be officially unveiling a new interactive billboard at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, right in the heart of Hollywood, to promote the second season of Dating Naked. The Billboard, according to VH1’s press release, will encourage pedestrians to “peel...

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    Do you know your PTC Bill of Rights?

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    PTCBillofRightsEvery July 4th, Americans celebrate the triumph of their rights and their independence from tyranny.

    As media consumers, Americans also have the right to be free of the tyranny of media companies and their offensive content.

    In celebration of Independence Day, the PTC has codified the media rights...

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