• MacFarlane to Get Live-Action Show

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    In reward for turning Sunday nights into a wasteland of violence, sex, and sleaze with his ultra-raunchy cartoons, Fox has given Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane his first live-action show.

    According to The Wrap, MacFarlane will executive-produce the sitcom Dads.  The show, set to premiere next fall, will star Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as friends whose lives are disrupted when their fathers move in with them. Dads will feature writing by individuals who helped MacFarlane produce last year’s movie Ted, about a foul-mouthed, sex-crazed, pot-smoking teddy bear.

    No doubt MacFarlane will bring a similar sensibility to this show. Already, MacFarlane gets away with content unbelievable for prime-time broadcast TV; but the extreme explicitness of his shows is often overlooked because they are cartoons. But it is all but certain that MacFarlane’s ultimate goal is to spread such extreme content to live-action programming, as well…and Fox is helping him do it.



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