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    2 Responses to PTC President Tim Winter on Media Violence

    1. Justin G.
      February 10, 2014 at 2:55 pm

      I honestly will never understand why you oppose media violence so much, because it’s really not as BAD as you make it out to be. Not every child is affected by the media as badly as you claim so. Shows like CSI don’t depict media violence in a glorified matter, they depict it in a way to you to tell a mature story of real life crime that the characters that your suppose to sympathize with (the detectives that solve the crimes) if your sympathizing with the crimes and the criminals then your judging it the wrong way. You can also say that’s drugs and alcohol harms children even more but that’s not really the medias’ fault per say. That’s more your child hanging out with the wrong people in high school who do dumb things 24/7 then it is the media’s fault for supposedly glorifying drinking when in reality we have drinking & driving/drinking age limit laws (which include PSAs on TV that say don’t drink and drive) that should be fixing the situation but in reality just needs more awareness from people including adults. Also, why is all this harmful to traditional family values? What is even traditional family values anyway? A mother, father, son & daughter who all happen to be this happy christian family in the suburbs? Is that your definition of a traditional family? Well guess what, there’s more to it then JUST that.

      There are sons and daughters that are raised by one parent or a stepdad/mom or they’re raised by aunts, uncles, grandparents, whoever can raise them if say, they don’t have biological parents (whether they’re dead, irresponsible or just never around) then we have families that get divorces, sudden family deaths, etc. and then there are kids who live in orphanages or foster homes. Then there are families with different religions and customs with a possibly different culture than that of Americas.

      The point is that there all kids are different and are not just affected by the media that you declare to be indecent. What about what all the different kinds of families that I’ve mentioned above? How does media violence affect them when something else like divorce is all around them? In my opinion it really doesn’t matter to them because family issues for them be it divorce or family death is of a greater concern/issue for them then the media violence that only seems to hurt your definition of the traditional family, which is very narrow-minded one at best.

      Traditional families are just one of many different kinds of families in this country. Yet even if what you say is true 100% to the core, why is it that traditional families are the only concern? It’s kind of insulting to different families all over the country if that’s the case.

      • Christopher Gildemeister
        March 4, 2014 at 9:14 am


        You make some excellent points and assertions. But at the end of the day, the Parents Television Council is an organization founded to deal with issues of media violence and decency, not with divorce, or family deaths, or foster homes, or drugs, or alcohol, or teen gangs, or any of the other influences you mention.

        Of course media indecency and violence aren’t the sole cause of the world’s problems. We’ve never said they are. But it is unquestionable that media, and what people (especially children) see on TV DOES have an influence on their attitudes and behavior. Combatting the negative effects that ARE caused by media is a small part of the overall picture, granted; but we feel it’s an important one. That’s why we do what we do.

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