• Another Reason to Demand Cable Choice

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    One of the media cartel’s favorite tricks is “bait-and-switch”: make pay-TV subscribers think they’re getting one thing, then give them something else. This week, the cable industry has provided yet another demonstration of its arrogant and overbearing behavior.cableTVprices

    As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, the Biography Channel (owned by A&E Networks) will undergo a “rebranding” to become a new and different cable network called FYI.

    Once again, a cable network that is a poor performer financially has been unilaterally “rebranded” by its owners.  But are cable and satellite customers given a choice as to whether or not they WANT this “rebranded” network? Of course not! These customers are FORCED to continue paying for the old network (the one that is unsustainable) while it undergoes “rebranding” – and when the new FYI network emerges, all pay-TV customers will continue to be forced to pay for THAT, too, whether or not they want a cable network that is intended to be “an ‘inspiration engine’ for a core audience of upscale women in their early 40s.” 

    In the entire history of free markets, there has never been any other industry that has operated in this dictatorial manner…and that is because the cable industry doesn’t answer to free market principles.  Instead it operates like a cartel, wielding unassailable and unfair economic leverage over its consumers.  And it is simply outrageous. 

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    2 Responses to Another Reason to Demand Cable Choice

    1. July 17, 2018 at 9:48 am

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    2. Donald
      March 4, 2014 at 7:01 pm

      If everyone followed my mode of watching tv the violence would soon disappear and Hollywood would stop being the top demoralizer of the country that it has been for the last 80 yrs. If a program is not constructive, educational, newsworthy, or country-flag-patriotic American based I don’t watch it. There is no point in watching crap or allowing anyone in the family to watch it. The same goes for the movie theaters, If the show is based on negatives & evil why spend money to watch it. Work toward combating it in real life, there is plenty of it around. Children especially need positive, truthful, honest, decent adult images to emulate as they grow up. Be one & expose them to others who are.

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