• Dating Naked’s Failed First Date

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    It has often been said that Hollywood is out of ideas. And even on the rare occasions when a network comes up with something truly original, the other networks trip all over themselves trying to follow suit.

    Spurred on by comparative success of Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid,” TheWrap reports that broadcast and cable programming executives have been “flooded with pitches for naked dating shows.” “One broadcast executive told TheWrap that he has already seen “a dozen naked dating pitches” cross his desk this year.

    While “Naked and Afraid” did attract a respectable (for cable TV) 4.15 million viewers for its premiere episode (most probably tuned-in just to satisfy their curiosity), the ratings thus far for season three have averaged less than half that, and have never done better than 2.4 million.  So this is our benchmark for success, and this is the formula the other networks are rushing to repeat. (As a side note, the Mark Burnett-produced History channel miniseries “The Bible” never dropped below 10 million viewers – where are all the network pitches for more Bible-based series?)

    Last week VH1 rolled-out its entry for this race to the gutter, “Dating Naked,” to less than one million viewers. Entertainment Weekly notes:

    By comparison, most of the network’s original series averaged at least a million viewers, with the top six all averaging more than 2 million (the network’s most-watched series this year, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, averaged 3.5 million viewers, while the network’s least-watched, the short-live revival of Best Week Ever, averaged 226,000 viewers).

    But will the spectacular failure of “Dating Naked” deter all those media executives who are eager to roll out their own naked reality shows? Probably not. But hopefully the corporate world, at least, will now know better than to bet their money on a loser.

    Companies that made “Dating Naked” possible through their sponsorship dollars include:

    YUM! Brands

    Jonathan Blum, Chief Public Affairs Officer

    1900 Colonel Sanders Ln

    Louisville, KY 40213

    502-874-8300     502-874-2690



    T-mobile USA   

    Jim Alling, Chief Operating Officer

    12920 Se 38th St

    Bellevue, WA 98006




    Burger King

    Donna Kellerman, Marketing Manager

    5505 Blue Lagoon Dr

    Miami,  FL 33126




    Kia Motors         

    Michael Sprague, EVP Sales and Marketing

    111 Peters Canyon Rd

    Irvine,   CA 92606

    949-468-4800     949-470-2809




    Ms. Henson is a noted expert on entertainment industry trends and the how the impact of entertainment affects children and the American popular culture at large. She also directs the organization’s Advertiser Accountability Campaign, which encourages companies to sponsor family-friendly entertainment. She previously supervised the research and program content analysis operations of the PT and produced a number of groundbreaking PTC studies that document the levels of graphic sex, violence and profanity on television. Some of those reports include: The Ratings Sham I & II, Dying to Entertain, Faith in a Box, The Sour Family Hour, The Blue Tube, and TV Bloodbath. She began her career with the PTC in 1997 as an entertainment analyst, documenting instances of inappropriate content on television. Ms. Henson has appeared on a variety of television shows including Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor, Your World with Neil Cavuto, The Big Story, CNN Headline News’ ShowBiz Tonight, CNBC’s On the Money, MSNBC’s Scarborough Country, and CBN’s Newswatch. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows across the country and has been quoted extensively in news sources such asEntertainment Weekly, Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, USA Today, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Variety, Associated Press, Reuters, and Bloomberg. Ms. Henson is a graduate of the University of Virginia where she received a BA in Government. She resides in Falls Church, Va., with her husband and their son.

    One Response to Dating Naked’s Failed First Date

    1. Tanisha McCreary
      September 18, 2014 at 6:45 am

      This is so sad where the mighty dollar convinces people who should have morals and want to protect children from filth would put nudity to this magnitude on TV. We don’t live in Amish communities and can’t monitor our kids 24 hours a day as we would like to. And not to mention these shows are dang rediculous and have no substance, plot, or taste. And if you want to see a naked body look at yourself in the mirror or your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.
      I am thankful there’s a group courageous enough to say this has to stop. Kids have enough to deal with and now this?
      keep this crap off the TV!

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