• TV Writers Take Note: The PTC is equally concerned about violence and profanity as sex on TV

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    In the wake of the PTC’s criticism of the FX network for bringing HBO-caliber p*rnography to basic cable, some critics and TV writers have taken the PTC to task for “hypocrisy” and claiming there was “divide” exposed between parental sensitivities on explicit sexual content and graphic violence.

    Simply put, this is absurd.  Parents are deeply concerned about all manner of harmful content that their children could be exposed to.  That’s why the PTC is so active on all of the areas within our mission: sex, violence and profanity.

    Here are just a few examples of our efforts on media violence alone:

    Clearly there is nothing “hypocritical” about the seriousness of our mission or the manner in which the PTC goes about it.

    What is hypocritical are TV writers who can’t seem to use Google to find some facts when it runs contrary to the story they wish to weave.



    13 Responses to TV Writers Take Note: The PTC is equally concerned about violence and profanity as sex on TV

    1. CMarie
      December 15, 2014 at 12:45 pm

      Reading through the comments I find I agree with Christopher’s views. If Giuseppe is actually from Italy then I understand his views/opinions being less conservative and protective as Europeans (that’s my heritage) are much more liberal minded and find most everything to be acceptable – this perhaps is Giuseppe’s worldview. Not the healthiest or most practical in today’s battles. Who knows technology better than a person who builds computers – yet they (relatives) are still battling the influences in this evil world simply because its everywhere, not just on your phone, computer, etc. – walk outside and smell the stench of pot, watch the road as your driving next to the person high/load/stoned, or the person texting and coming into your lane about to kill your child. What about the “couples” showing PDofA. The list of dangers is endless so “G’s” one-stop shop just doesn’t cut it if we are going to be devoted, dedicated, hardworking, sacrificing parents.

      • Giuseppe
        December 15, 2014 at 7:11 pm

        As I mentioned above my “one stop shop” is anything but, I clearly state that both opinions need to be worked on adamantly. It’s in how we go about these battles I find (by definition) insane. They’re will always be situations, many many situations that are out of our control (a few kids or adults smoking a plant outside) and they must be blowing it in your face if it’s too be described as a “stench” outside. But. ..but let’s take that example and put it up against ways to combat it. Do you a. As a person, start a blog, go online and complain about the evil pot smoking people, try and write your senator, call your girlfriend and rant and rave. … or b. Call the cops. Maybe you choose both a and b. The problem or rather a problem of many facing today’s society is you’d be in small minority.

        And he\she “that knows technology” are those who take the time to educate them selves, it’s really not that complicated (my point not learning tech). And please don’t come at me with “need to go to school, spans all this money etc etc” I’m a computer tech as a hobby no school, self taught, that includes phones and tablets.

        Just out of curiosity, why do you paint a person texting and driving (yes stupid, ignorant, selfish etc etc.) Out to be intentionally out to kill anyone’s child? Almost as if some serial killer jumps in a car and jumps on the phone to text knowing the outcome is going to be your child dead?

    2. Giuseppe
      December 12, 2014 at 12:13 pm

      I agree top an extent, but the way the other side of the coin goes about fighting industry in the wrong way. Which brings me back to my first point, fighting multibillion dollar corps is like a 5 year old fighting the ocean, as long as they line their pockets they won’t stop and will continue doing what they do. So us as parents must “think outside the box” and learn to fight back in a much more productive way than “fighting the ocean” sort to speak.

      Use the v chip, hack their phones, tabs and pcs, for Gods sake just use good judgment. I think we both make valid points coming from both sides, and I truly believe both sides need A LOT of work to better the lives of our children.

    3. Nick
      December 2, 2014 at 6:28 pm

      Maybe you sould just be a parent and monitor what your kids watch. If that is to hard for you to do then I don’t think you are trying that hard. Or maybe you are just the type of people that just aren’t happy unless you have something to complain about if u don’t like something turn the channel it’s not hard just push a button.

      • Christopher Gildemeister
        December 8, 2014 at 8:27 am


        In an era of smartphones and iPads given to students by schools, saying “just change the channel” is naive at best. Today, even the most conscientious parent cannot monitor what their kids are seeing every second of every minute of every day. The entertainment industry bears the responsibility for what it chooses to put in front of children. And part of being a parent is being concerned about the environment in which children must live. Even if it WERE possible to prevent one’s own kids from seeing inappropriate content, that wouldn’t protect them from other kids who’ve been influenced and corrupted by it.

        • Giuseppe
          December 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm

          If you actually “try” and either keep the smart phone or tablet given to your child from school (wtf school gives tablets to kids? ) out of their hands, or maybe educate yourself on the tech, it’s very possible to see exactly what is going on at every second, I swear if you people put the time and effort into “parenting”that you waste in complaining alone you’d already know this. It’s soooo easy to point the finger every where but at yourself!

          Think about it. ….. think about it

          Ps don’t ask how, work for it, nothing good or decent in life comes easy, God knows this includes good parents, best of luck in changing your hypocritical child damaging subconscious ways!

          • Christopher Gildemeister
            December 10, 2014 at 1:44 pm

            Why do I get the feeling you’re not a parent?

            If you were, you might have some clue that, no matter how hard a parent tries, society also bears some responsibility for creating a healthy environment. That’s why it’s against the law to sell tobacco and liquor to minors.

            But by your logic, we should allow shopkeepers to sell kids all the booze and cigarettes they want. In fact, we shouldn’t arrest drug dealers or child molesters hanging around the playground either, because “if people just put the time into parenting that they waste in complaining,” nothing bad would ever happen to kids! After all, we all know that if anything bad every happens to a child, IT’S THE PARENT’S FAULT!

            Not quite clear on how wanting a better world for all children equals “hypocritical child-damaging subconscious ways.” But then, most of what you said wasn’t clear.

            • Giuseppe
              December 10, 2014 at 4:58 pm

              Well I’ll be happy to clarify, first off yes I am a parent, second is easy to call ones view points or opinions into an argument with what I like to call “black or white” logic. Rather it’s “my logic” or not I know my child (as a result of my parenting) would not purchase booze or cigs, as far as your statement regarding drug dealers and molesters not being arrested because of good or bad parenting is just stupid. There’s way to many x factors (grey area) to consider. For example maybe a bad parent out there doesn’t teach their kid not to talk to strangers could mean the difference between a successful kidnap or not. Or a bad parent that does drugs with their kids rather than teach them drugs are something not to be trifled with could mean the difference in the interactions happening at all. Should they be arrested? Yes they are breaking the law, could it still happen? Yes. Did I say that nothing bad would ever happen? To answer my question no! Would it drop the chances? Why yes yes it would. To clarify what you seem confused in comprendining, my statement about seeing what their doing was intended for what you mentioned in the first place, digitally it is possible. If your 2 year old must have a cell phone (yes that’s me exaggerating) get em a flip phone. And there are means to track everything every second even if it’s a smart phone or tablet.

              Make no mistake I’m not arguing the fact that society has an impact on our children’s lives, but at the end, beginning and middle of the day it’s us, parents that should (unfortunately should being the key word) be shouldering the majority of the responsibility for our kids.

              Any good parent wants a better world for their kid, in my last statement I’m pointing out that a lot of people out there (rather your one or not I don’t know) are hell bent in their ways, let ignorance or fear of maybe just maybe being wrong once in their lives prevent them from thinking outside the box.

              I do apologize for making that sound directed towards you

            • Christopher Gildemeister
              December 12, 2014 at 10:18 am

              Thanks for your clarification, Giuseppe.

              The real problem here is that it is those who control the entertainment industry who are truly “hell bent in their ways” (insisting on extreme gore, sex, and foul language nearly everywhere), and who let “ignorance or fear of being wrong prevent them from thinking outside the box.” And how sad is it that, in our day and age, merely showing programming safe and appropriate for the whole family is considered “thinking outside the box”?

              The point is this: the entertainment industry has succeeded in brainwashing much of our society (not aimed at you specifically, Giuseppe) into believing that parents are solely responsible for everything that happens to their children — while that same entertainment industry is “hell bent” in deliberately marketing their products to teens and children, yet refuse to take any responsibility for their actions.

    4. Sherri
      November 24, 2014 at 8:57 pm

      I have progressed from irritation to panic about the evil that’s being promoted to our youth. You can see the results in the explosion of smutty, sexual, hateful. criminal and violent behavior that is being acted out. Of course the “Entertainment industry” is not solely responsible, but they make it look like so much fun and perfectly acceptable. On “The Doctor’s” TV program today, they showed Ads that have very young girls being used (or abused) using four letter words to supposedly call attention to violence against women. I was encouraged that the audience and several of the doctors were obviously uncomfortable with it (even though the same doctors often get risqué to the point of our switching channels) Thank you for advocating for us in what seemingly feels like a lost cause at times.

    5. Al Wund
      November 21, 2014 at 10:18 am

      The TV Writers are the true Hypocrites! They have run out of conventional ideas for their scripts, so now they are scraping the “Bottom of the Barrel” literally by “pushing the envelope” on their 1ST Amendment rights. They know that the 55+ fans do not use Social Media, so they can keep the public outcry to a minimum! (55+ fans just TURN IT OFF, OR SWITCH CHANNELS).The only way to curb this new “Softporn” is to engage all the AntiPorn Activists groups to rally against them and put pressure on the AG office and the FCC to DO THEIR JOB!!

      • CMarie
        December 15, 2014 at 12:30 pm

        It seems with everything we are fighting against, there should be enough leaders to rally the troops and begin fighting with huge numbers. Group size seems to be the only way “Hollywood” will listen. There are so many morally based groups fighting to protect our children from the homosexual agenda at schools, groups fighting for TV programming, groups fighting to save us from the healthcare debacle, groups fighting the indecencies of our government, and the list goes on. Can you imagine if the ‘troops’ could gather, take an issue, show the millions behind it, work diligently to fight and then WIN the battle! Couple comments: Sherri, totally get your panic; Nick: Your wrong in what you believe is that simple. If you were a concerned parent you’d understand changing the channel doesn’t work anymore, turning off the TV completely is the only solution – and that shouldn’t have to be the solution! As a parent I was able to be teach, train, guide & turn the channels during commercials and not allow various programs – I did that 30 years ago!! As a grandparent, turning the channel doesn’t matter, you flip it and something even worst shows up – so you’re either misinformed and you actually don’t care about the dangerous secularization of this generation. The leaders need to strategize in a different direction – we can’t afford to keep losing.

      • Giuseppe
        January 7, 2015 at 1:37 pm

        Lol good luck with that. ..

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