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    EW’s Exclusive Q&A with PTC President Tim Winter

    by  • December 29, 2014 • Advertiser Accountability, Broadcast Decency, Cable Choice, Misrated, Movies, Profanity, Ratings Reform, Sex, Sexualization, Television, Violence • 2 Comments

    Just before Christmas, Entertainment Weekly published an unedited question and answer session (warning: the original story on the Entertainment Weekly website contains graphic images) with PTC President Tim Winter.

    It’s not to be missed!


    It’s unusual for a major publication to devote such resources to...

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    Family Friendly Shows Triumph in Ratings – Again

    by  • December 9, 2014 • Television • 0 Comments

    A common refrain among the Hollywood crowd is that entertainment must be “edgy” or “push the envelope” of taste or appropriateness to gain an audience and be successful.  As we at the PTC like to point out, that is very often the opposite of reality – and viewership numbers are the proof of that.

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