• Super Bowl to Feature Positive “Dadvertising”

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    Advertising during the Super Bowl has become infamous for presenting negative, sexually-charged commercials.  But every year, there are also some delightfully positive, family-friendly ads…and this year is no exception.

    Grab the chips and dip and get ready for this year’s Super Bowl XLIX, New England Patriots versus Seattle Seahawks, which kicks off Sunday, February 1st.

    For some of us, it’s not so much about watching the game, as it is watching the commercials.  In the past, some commercials started trends that lasted throughout the year.  Some advertisers like Carl’s Jr. still use the day-old slogan “sex sells,” while others have moved on, and focus on subjects that more people can relate to.

    According to Advertising Age, one trend to look out for this Super Bowl game is “dadvertising.”  It started last year with Cheerios and General Motors honoring fathers, and it appears that this year, Dove, Toyota, and Nissan have followed suit. The Dove commercial focuses on men being there for their children during the good, the bad, and the indifferent, as scenarios show kids of different ages calling out for their dad.

    Another example of “dadvertising” is Toyota, with a commercial in which former and current pro football players share their stories of what their father taught them and how they are good dads to their kids.

    It’s been 18 years since Nissan advertised during the Super Bowl, but now they are back,  focusing on fatherhood for their next commercial.  Though it has not been released as of yet, Adweek says the commercial is set to air during the second quarter of the game. Nissan’s YouTube channel has been revamped to include a new tab titled “#With Dad.”  Under that tab you will find several videos featuring different YouTube sensations.

    It is encouraging to see companies like Dove, Toyota, and Nissan taking this approach to advertising.  When you have a product that can stand on its own, you don’t have to reduce your brand to sexualizing women in order to sell a product.



    3 Responses to Super Bowl to Feature Positive “Dadvertising”

    1. Paulette
      February 2, 2015 at 9:56 am

      I will be a Dove patron just because of the great “Dads” Super Bowl commercial. Businesses with ads like this I will support!

    2. Judy
      January 30, 2015 at 7:06 am

      I am so glad to see this kind of AD. It is about time we gave the ‘good dads’ all the praise they deserve and maybe it will be used by others as the standzard to attain. Kids need a Dad. My grand daughter has not had her dad since she was little because he chose a criminal life and has lived in prison all these years. She is very shy and distrusts men. However, she longs for a Dad to validate her as a daughter, to hold her and let her know that she is valued and precious. and so much more… Men just do not understand what they have done to their daughters and sons by leaving them .. A single mom cannot always provide the whole family package unless she is lucky enough to marry a loving man who will accept her kids as his own. Seems like we are working on the second generation of ‘dead-beat dads’ living in prison.

    3. Bill
      January 30, 2015 at 5:53 am

      These are the kinds of companies I want to buy from and to invest in!

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