• Quantico: Complex Plotting, Graphic Violence

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    Quantico is confusing spy series about crime, conspiracy, and the search for a killer inside the FBI.

    Rookie FBI agent Alexandra Parrish is suspected of masterminding the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11. The FBI’s director knows Alex is innocent, but the rest of the Bureau doesn’t. As Alex goes on the run and attempts to uncover the real traitor, the agents who entered training with her – ex-Marine (and undercover full agent) Ryan Booth; sweet Georgia belle (and sharpshooting expert) Shelby Wyatt; gay Jewish nerd Simon Asher; insecure, obnoxious Caleb Haas; and Muslim woman Nimah Amin – are ordered to find and take Alex dead or alive.

    In addition to twisty, byzantine plotting and multiple flashback sequences, Quantico features graphic violence, including an FBI agent who commits suicide by blowing his own head off, the wall behind him being sprayed with blood; several other graphic gunshot murders; and assorted other mayhem, including fistfights, explosions, and the like. In addition, Alex and Ryan “hook up” in the back seat of his car on first meeting (something the FBI apparently doesn’t think constitutes either unprofessional behavior or a security risk); a description of Simon’s sexual experiences or lack thereof; a flashback of an agent graphically killing her abusive father in childhood; and a smattering of adult language.

    With its plethora of characters and potential plot directions, Quantico poses a challenge to those who claim broadcast TV is insufficiently complex; but while adults may appreciate such a challenge, the program is inappropriate for children and teens.

    Quantico premieres Sunday, September 27th at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on ABC.



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