• DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: More Superheroes from CW

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    CW builds on its success with The Flash and Arrow by creating an entire team of heroes.

    • The Atom: billionaire genius with high-tech armor!
    • White Canary: martial artist supreme, returned from the dead!
    • Hawkgirl, the reincarnated winged warrior!
    • Temperature-controlling criminals Heatwave and Captain Cold!
    • Firestorm, the Nuclear Man!

    Assembled by “time master” Rip Hunter to battle the immortal villain Vandal Savage, these names will live on into the far future – where, Hunter assures them, they will be the Legends of Tomorrow.

    The box-office success of superhero stories has proven a boon for the CW, and has aided it in its shift from an entirely female-centered network to one attracting a broader (but still younger) audience. While Arrow has been dark, brooding, and more intensely violent, The Flash has been far more light-hearted and lighter on graphic content. With a character roster drawn from its two parent series, it appears that Legends of Tomorrow will fall somewhere in between – intense fantasy action crossing occasionally into stronger violence, but likely still acceptable for older children and teens.

    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres in early 2016 on the CW.




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