• Minority Report: A Sci-fi Flavored Police Drama

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    A futuristic tale of psychics and police officers stopping killers before they strike.

    In the year 2040, a program called “Precrime” was instituted by the government. Using the services of three psychic children, who could “see” murders before they happened, the government rounded up “future criminals” and imprisoned them, before they ever committed any crimes. Eventually, the program was found unconstitutional, and “Precrime” was abandoned…and so were the children. Twenty-five years later, one of the children, Dash, is tormented by the visions of murders he foresees. Though he’s a hunted fugitive himself, Dash joins with police officer Lara Vega to use his visions, and try to prevent potential murders from happening.

    Based on the 2002 theatrical movie, Minority Report is yet another entry in the “detective with odd abilities” sub-genre dominated by Castle, The Mentalist, and others…with the difference that this series takes place entirely in the future, offering viewers an intriguing view of the United States fifty years from now. Though some of the visions Dash experiences are mildly disturbing and occasionally graphic (he sees people choked, shot, stabbed, thrown through windows, et cetera), there was little other content of concern in the first episode.

    Minority Report premieres Monday, September 21st at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on Fox.



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