• PTC Urges FX Network to Move to Premium Tier

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    The PTC is calling for the FX Network to be moved to the premium cable tier, so that families do not have to subsidize shows containing graphically violent or sexual content.

    “For decades, cable and satellite subscribers have been attracted to the news, sports, movies and niche-programming that interests them. And for many years, subscribers who wanted explicit or pornographic content could also subscribe to a premium tier with HBO, Cinemax or Showtime. But now premium-tier porn and violence is part of the forced-bundle of basic cable. That needs to stop. And that’s why we’re calling on the FX Network to be moved from the basic tier to the premium tier, so that families can make the affirmative choice not to subsidize FX on their cable bills,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

    “The content on FX Network’s American Horror Story has reached a new depth of depravity in a recent episode where children are shown killing adults and then drinking the blood of their victims. Never before have I seen child actors engaged in such outrageous and gruesome onscreen behavior. Another recent scene on American Horror Story showed the use of a ‘drill-bit dildo.’ Newcomer The Bastard Executioner routinely revels in showing scenes of murder and mutilation. The FX program Archer includes explicit animated content that the show’s producer publicly refers to as porn. But cartoons are inherently attractive to children.

    “With each passing year, FX seems to outdo itself when it comes to pushing the most extreme content into the homes of every cable TV subscriber. Nearly all of its programs require a TV-MA rating, for mature audiences only. But the problem is that consumers and families are subsidizing the FX Network through their monthly cable bill. It may be less than a dollar per month per subscriber, but when FX collects that fee from every single cable customer, it adds up to almost a billion dollars every year. And that is before a single ad slot is sold to a sponsor.

    “FX sees HBO as its top competitor, according to comments made earlier this year by FX CEO John Landgraf. He’s right. And that’s why FX should be put onto that same tier as HBO, where subscribers can ‘opt in’ and pay an additional fee if they so choose. 

    “Families are fed up with having to subsidize such explicit and harmful content. With this recent American Horror Story episode, we hope that the solution is clear to all: FX needs to move away from the basic cable lineup as quickly as possible.”



    4 Responses to PTC Urges FX Network to Move to Premium Tier

    1. Robert
      December 3, 2015 at 2:26 pm

      I don’t know about that. FX usually holds off showing it’s most mature programming until after 10 p.m. and even notifies parents then of the content every commercial break. I’ve also seen some family-friendly programming on FX like “Kung Fu Panda” which is a lot better than what is on some cable networks during the daytime like TBS showing Macfarlane cartoons (“American Dad,” “Cleveland Show,” and “Family Guy.”) from 11a-3p.m. each day, or Comedy Central showing some of it’s TV-MA rated programming during daytime hours. FX at least does a good job of keeping mature content where it belongs–late at night.

    2. Sara
      November 25, 2015 at 3:02 am

      “The Bastard Executioner” was canceled! Another victory for PTC! I was reading the Variety article about its cancellation, and there were about 300 comments in the comments section. Even though this show was mostly gratuitous graphic violence & gore & torture & sexual deviancy, with a bit of story and some bad accents mixed in, most of the commenters on Variety basically said it was cancelled because “people aren’t intelligent and sophisticated enough to appreciate the complex, sophisticated, and intelligent ART and storytelling of Kurt Sutter in this show.” Really? Come down off your high horses folks! Somehow millions tune in to Game of Thrones (on premium cable too!), which is much more “complex” storytelling than Bastard Executioner was (although of course with the violence, gore, sex, etc)! Bastard Executioner was just trash and even today’s populace voted against it with their eyeballs.

    3. Michael
      November 20, 2015 at 7:35 pm

      How is having to pay premium fees to watch FX fair to me? So if I want to keep watching FX according to you, I have to not only pay for my cable package but an extra premium fee. Yeah that’s not very fair to the people who watch FX. I support cable choice but that is not what this is. I shouldn’t have to pay extra money to continue watching FX just because some people are offended by it.

    4. Sara
      November 18, 2015 at 5:15 pm

      I noticed when this story was posted to the conservative Breitbart site, even most of the conservatives in the comments section said “leave my FX alone,” “change the channel,” “use the parental controls,” “the premium tier should be the family-friendly stuff,” etc.

      I’m totally behind your mission, but I wonder if maybe your efforts would be better focused on educating parents nationwide on the importance of using the TV parental ratings in their homes, and also making sure the ratings are accurate or reformed (I know you’re already doing the latter and I’ve signed the petition)? From data I’ve seen MOST parents don’t even know what the ratings mean and don’t use them.

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