• My One Christmas Wish is Family-Friendly Viewing on UP

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    My One Christmas Wish

    My One Christmas Wish teaches that “until you acknowldge the pain of your past, you can’t embrace the joy of your present.”

    My One Christmas Wish


    Network: UP

    Airdate: Sunday, November 29, 2015, 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (6 and 8 Central/Mountain)

    Starring: Amber Riley, Matreya Fedor, Priscilla Faiai, and Jarod Joseph

    Recommended age: 10+

    Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green








    As an A+ scholarship student in psychology, a karate champion, and the toast of her church choir, Jackie Turner seems to have it all. But appearances can be deceiving. When her psychology professor asks her to take over the therapy group for troubled teens – snide shoplifter Ava, shy Chloe, drug dealer Lauren, and silent Becky – in order to connect with the teens, Jackie is forced to confront and come to terms with her own troubled past. Agreeing that “holidays are the worst” for those without families, Jackie has a unique idea: put an ad on Craigslist advertising for a family for Christmas! But even if her “one Christmas wish” comes true, there are still major problems in Jackie’s and Ava’s lives to be overcome…

    Like many of UP’s made-for-TV movies, My One Christmas Wish is both realistic, refusing to sugarcoat the difficulties in life, and inspirational, in showing that they can be overcome through hard work and faith. Jackie’s past and the plight of the girls are dealt with sensitively and realistically, but the message is clearly conveyed that hope springs eternal, and that “until you acknowldge the pain of your past, you can’t embrace the joy of your present.” It also demonstrates that people are what truly matter, not material possessions.

    For its emphasis on positive values, the Parents Television Council is proud to award My One Christmas Wish with the PTC Seal of Approval®. The PTC recommends this movie for all viewers over age 10.


    UP is available on DirecTV channel 338, DISH Network channel 188, and most cable systems.
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