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    Heritage Falls
    In this INSP original movie, three generations of men come to terms with their differences. 

    Heritage Falls

    Network: INSP

    Airdate: Sunday, October 16, 2016, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (8:00 p.m. Central/Mountain)

    Starring: David Keith, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Keean Johnson

    Recommended age: all ages

    Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green

    Charles Fitzpatrick is a legend, the “winningest” coach in high school basketball, who led his team to dozens of victories, and encouraged hundreds of students along the way. But Charlie has long been estranged from his son Evan, an aspiring novelist and bookstore owner with no interest in sports. Evan, in turn, is having difficulties with his son Mark, who wants to drop out of college and play music with his band. Evan’s birthday and Charlie’s retirement from his coaching job set the stage for a camping trip, during which all three generations of men will bond, face their conflicts, and learn what it truly means to be a family.

    Heritage Falls deals forthrightly and sensitively with the differences that fathers and sons can have with one another, and how they can learn to come together as men with mutual respect and love. Charlie’s an athletic man’s man, Evan a sensitive bookworm, and Mark a defiant artist, and the movie shows how each has his own legitimate point of view. Set in the majestic surroundings of nature, this is a character drama which can appeal to men, yet is appropriate for anyone of any age.

    Because of its emphasis on building understanding and family, the Parents Television Council is proud to award Heritage Falls with the PTC Seal of Approval®. The PTC recommends this movie for viewers of all ages.


    INSP is available on DISH Network channel 259, DirecTV channel 364, and many cable systems. To find INSP on your TV, click here.



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