• PTC Cautions on AT&T-Time Warner Cable Merger, Urging More Consumer Choice

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    The Parents Television Council issued a statement in response to the news that AT&T is purchasing Time Warner Inc., for $85.4 billion.

    “AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner will create an entertainment behemoth, and no doubt the corporate spin-masters will emphasize benefits to consumers. But if history is our guide, this merger should be of great concern to families. Conditions must be put in place that open the door to more choice for families and other cable consumers. We urge the FCC and DOJ to carefully review this merger and only give approval if the deal creates more unbundling options,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

    “Consumers should have more control over what cable networks they want to purchase – period. With AT&T taking over premium cable network HBO, it becomes even more crucial that consumers aren’t forced to pay for networks they may not watch or want. When XM and Sirius planned to merge, a key condition for regulatory approval was their commitment to allow subscribers to opt out of explicit content. A similar condition should apply here.

    “We hope that AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner can increase choice for consumers, just as the merger is poised to change the entire media landscape.”



    2 Responses to PTC Cautions on AT&T-Time Warner Cable Merger, Urging More Consumer Choice

    1. Linda
      October 30, 2016 at 7:23 pm

      My husband and I hardly ever watch tv. I buy movies that we like and approve of, so we watch those mainly. So we decided to ditch our cable and bought an antenna and now have the sub channels which carries the programs I prefer to begin with. So we have a better selection to chose from if we did decide to watch tv. Like I told them at Time Warner, there is nothing on tv that I am interested in seeing. I didn’t like the cost of paying for digital phone, which isn’t needed now with both of us having cell phones. With digital we could call anywhere in the states with no long distance charges. With our cell phones we have the same benefit. So they dropped our cable and they were charging us $99.00 per month without taxes just for the phone and internet. I wasn’t happy paying that much for those two services so I did some checking online and decided Cincinnati Bell had a better offer. We cut our cost $40.00 a month on phone and internet.

    2. Sandra Levine
      October 28, 2016 at 1:52 pm

      Re:Cable company mergers vs. Consumer Cable Choice. Doesn’t matter to me how many cable channels I can get. Doesn’t matter to me how many “offers” I get. I STILL WILL ONLY WATCH THOSE CHANNELS THAT ARE FAMILY FRIENDLY, NO EXPLICIT SEX SHOWN, NO VIOLENCE FOR THE SAKE OF RATINGS, AND NO, I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF CHANNELS ON HOME FIX-UPS, COOKING, SCI-FI, ETC. I watch maybe 12-15 channels, based on the season of the year. Why should I have to pay for 200+ channels that I NEVER watch? Answer me that, Time Warner.

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