• The Detour vs. The Mick – Same Story, Different Rating

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    Different channels rate similar content differently. Shouldn’t the ratings be consistent?

    Basic cable network TBS’ TV-MA rated “family comedy” The Detour is set to begin its second season on February 21st. The program is about a typical family’s experiences on the road to Florida…but their experiences are anything but typical.

    In the premiere episode, the little boy on the show walks into a strip club and sees women pouring drinks on their half-naked bodies, as well as women dancing on poles.  Other problematic content from this show continued in the second episode, when the kids learn about sex from their parents and discover that their mother has tasted semen. And at one point, the little girl on the show is heard using a bleeped but apparent f-word when she tells a man to “f*ck off.”

    Showing kids joining in on adult humor has, unfortunately, become a trend on television. In shows that center around family, oftentimes the underage kids are shown using vulgar and sexually-charged dialogue. And in a later episode, a much older man was shown having such strong feelings for a 16- year old girl that he wants to marry her, with multiple scenes of the two kissing.

    Disturbing as this situation is, at least that program was rated appropriate for adults only. But the same sistuation was also shown on Fox’s new series The Mick, when a teenage girl Sabrina also became involved with a much older man – and that program is rated TV-14, appropriate for young teens. Do we really want TV telling our underage daughters that having sex with adult men is a harmless, even hilarious, thing to do?

    These storylines were intended as comedic entertainment; but there is nothing funny about the situation of an older man molesting a minor girl, and it needs to stop.



    3 Responses to The Detour vs. The Mick – Same Story, Different Rating

    1. Patrick Richmond
      February 4, 2017 at 1:07 pm

      TBS is doing exactly what Fox should be doing. The thing that Fox hates is telling the truth. And that is one reason why I don’t have a TV in my condo. Back in the days when Hee Haw and The Waltons aired, TV programming was much cleaner than it is now. And as with me as a Republican voter, what I want is someone that stands up for our children. If the FCC does impose a fine for sexual activity being displayed during the time when children are awake, the Supreme Court should rule in favor of the FCC’s rules. Not stand up for Hollywood. Now the sad thing is that it seems that Hee Haw is gone and I heard some talks about someone wanting to bring it back. The Waltons is on INSP.

    2. Claire Meyer
      February 4, 2017 at 7:25 am

      For the sake of our children, let’s protect them in their innocence and joy, as is their right and our sacred duty; that is if we truly have any love left in our hearts for others.

    3. MK
      February 4, 2017 at 4:44 am

      Both of these programs are disgusting – not funny – why doesn’t the FCC remove these from family TV.

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