• PTC Welcomes Cancellation of ABC’s The Real O’Neals and Fox’s Scream Queens

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    Two programs with adult content in prime time have been cancelled.

    The Parents Television Council welcomed the news that ABC canceled The Real O’Neals, a “family” show that for two seasons consistently marketed adult content – sexual content and profanity – to children; and that Fox canceled Scream Queens, which featured graphic gore and sexual content typically seen in R-rated movies, yet was rated as appropriate for children.

    In March 2016, the PTC conducted an analysis of the first three episodes of The Real O’Neals and found that children watching were exposed to either sexual dialogue or bleeped profanities on an average of once every 43 seconds – in spite of the fact that the show was rated TV-PG and aired as early as 7:30 p.m. in half the country.

    The PTC’s review of Scream Queens said, “Parents are warned: mean-spirited, sexualized, gory horror show is unsafe for children of any age.” Content in the show has included a character’s face being fried in hot cooking fat; another character is sprayed with hydrochloric acid, with close-ups showing her bloody skin burning and melting off; several young sorority pledges are buried in the ground up to their necks while the “Devil” drives over their heads on a riding mower.

    “Tuesday nights just got a bit safer for children and families watching television. ABC and Fox have canceled primetime programs that were routinely filled with sex, violence, and profanity, yet were marketed by the networks as appropriate for children. We call on the networks to replace these explicit programs with high-quality, family-friendly fare,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

    Scream Queens contained the type of violence normally seen in R-rated films, yet Fox rated the program TV-14. And The Real O’Neals frequently included scenes with children delivering or receiving profane, sexually-explicit dialogue — yet the show was rated TV-PG by Disney-owned ABC. It is impossible to reconcile Disney’s PG-rated television content on The Real O’Neals with Disney’s PG-rated films, such as Cinderella, Inside Out, and The Good Dinosaur.

    “The PTC consistently communicated with corporate sponsors of both programs, and we are heartened by the large number that shifted their advertising dollars away after learning of the content they were underwriting.

    “Additionally, many of the advertisers on Fox’s The Mick have also shifted their media dollars elsewhere after learning of the explicit content on that program. We hope that Fox will reconsider its decision to renew The Mick, while also reconsidering its decision to cancel a positive program like Pitch, which refreshingly offers a positive and inspiring female lead character. Surely the networks can program their schedules in order to entertain broad audiences without relying on ‘lowest common denominator’ content.”



    3 Responses to PTC Welcomes Cancellation of ABC’s The Real O’Neals and Fox’s Scream Queens

    1. June 30, 2017 at 2:34 pm

      Now this is what I like to hear. Now if we can do the same thing to The Mick just like we did to these shows, then that would be great! We are doing great. When I email a corporation, I tell them what shows they should be sponsoring when I make a complaint to them. Sadly, companies like Subway restaurants is like many corporations these days. When they advertise, they will lie about who the show is being aimed at. And they know all that is going to do to them in the long run is cause customer patronage to drop. Eventhough Subway restaurants provides nice healthy sandwiches, but the CEO and the marketing staff need to pay attention to who they are sponsoring. If a company like a restaurant is going to sponsor a TV show, then they should take a good hard look at what the show’s content is going to be. Now if I was the CEO of Subway restaurants, and was asked to sponsor a show, I would take a good hard look at the content before I would shell out any dollars. And if the show was to be like “The Waltons” or “How It’s Made”, I would then shell out some money since The Waltons and How It’s Made does not contain any sex. If the show was going to have sex stuff in it, I would tell the show producer no and not give the producer any money. And I would make the sex show producer come up short.

    2. D
      May 17, 2017 at 8:48 pm

      I am glad both The Real O’Neals and Scream Queens are going off the air. Especially Scream Queens, which sounds too gruesome for many adults as well as kids.

      Sadly, it sounds like nothing short of a natural disaster will eliminate 13 Reasons Why…..

    3. moax429
      May 17, 2017 at 12:46 pm

      Excellent! That’s two less pieces of trash polluting the airwaves!

      Thanks again for the good news, PTC!

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