• The Mayor: A Light-Hearted Take on Politics (ABC)

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    The Mayor

    But this comedy also has a deeper, positive message.

    Courtney Rose is a 27 year-old aspiring rap star who hits on a unique idea for promoting himself: he runs for mayor of his small city of Ft. Grey. Courtney views the entire election as a stunt, but his straight talk and honest concern for his community charms his neighbors…with the result that, on Election Day, Courtney is horrified to discover he has actually won. With his buddies T.K. and Jermaine offering moral support, his former opponent’s political aide (and his own former classmate) Valentina serving as the brains and political savvy, and his mother, postal worker Dina, keeping him on the straight and narrow and serving as the voice of responsibility, Courtney takes the reins of power. But can someone who’s always taken on City Hall truly make a difference once he’s running it?

    The Mayor offers viewers a light-hearted, comedic take on the current political climate – but with a deeper message underneath.  According to the show’s creators, while the show is a sitcom, it is intended to urge more local participation in government and democracy. And in spite of the program’s comic premise, the creators are firm that Courtney’s story arc will be realistic: he will often attempt important things, but will sometimes fail. The importance of community will also be stressed; but the show’s greatest message is the need for individuals to get involved.

    Hopefully, this program with an important message for young people will also be acceptable for younger audiences. The first episode was promising in this regard, with no sexual or violent content, and profanity was limited to uses of “hella” and “damn”, with two instances of a bleeped-and-blurred-lips s-word.

    The Mayor premieres Tuesday, October 3 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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    One Response to The Mayor: A Light-Hearted Take on Politics (ABC)

    1. Kim
      September 16, 2017 at 9:36 am

      Well on the face of it it seems inviting..However I am so used to being bashed by the media…I have the sinking impression this is Hollywood’s attempt at commenting on the Trump presidency, and thereby people with traditional values–their favorite target. I recognize the lady playing the mom and the guy playing the other candidate..and believe them both to be talented family friendly type of actors generally. Id be willing to watch it–but with the suspicion there would be an attack coming on people that hold traditional values..and if it did–I’d be out.

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