• PTC Condemns Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” Renewal

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    The Parents Television Council issued a statement in response to Netflix’s announcement that it is renewing “13 Reasons Why” for a third season.

    “We condemn Netflix for renewing its teen-targeted suicide drama ’13 Reasons Why.’ The company already potentially has the blood of children on their hands from keeping this series – with its graphic suicide scene, its sodomization of a teen boy and a potential school shooting, among other adult content – on its platform for children to view. The PTC will be participating in the shareholder meeting today and asking Netflix how it justifies keeping this program on the air,” said PTC President Tim Winter. 



    2 Responses to PTC Condemns Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” Renewal

    1. Gabe
      June 8, 2018 at 5:50 pm

      FXX has also renewed Archer, a TV-MA cartoon, for it’s 10th season. FXX has also renewed It’s Always Sunny In Philedelphia for seasons 13 and 14. This show is a TV-MA comedy starring Kaitlin Olson, the actress who plays the aunt on The Mick.

    2. Georgi Malchov
      June 8, 2018 at 9:31 am

      TBS’s MA-rated comedy The Detour will be back next year for a fourth season, but you don’t care about it.

      FX’s American Horror Story will continue through season 9, but you “pressed the snooze button” on that case.

      HBO’s Hung glorifies prostitution and is all about a man’s genitals, but you didn’t criticize it because you are in strong favour of a lá carte cable.

      Disney-owned Touchstone Pictures has it’s fare share of inappropriate content, but you don’t give a damn about it.

      NBC-owned E! has unbelievably inappropriate series on its schedule such as Botched(an entire series about plastic surgery a lá Nip/Tuck and Dr. 90210), but you do nothing on it.

      And yet, you go on a rampage about 13 Reasons Why?

      You know what, I’m on you with the last one. The question about 13RW. It is simply a suicide fest.

      Oh, and I got one more thing to say about Netflix:
      They will be releasing an animated series about drag queens.

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