• PTC Offers ABC Advice on How to Ensure Roseanne Spinoff The Conners is Successful

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    The PTC offers advice to ABC on how The Conners can continue its previous success.


    The Parents Television Council commended ABC for reviving its hit show Roseanne, which will now be called The Conners, and offered advice to the network on how to ensure the program continues its previous success without its main character.
    “We are delighted that ABC found a way to bring back a show that millions of families have enjoyed watching together. Rosanne Barr was rightly fired for her inexcusable and repugnant behavior. In order to assuage the concerns we’ve heard from the large and loyal audience for the show, we want to offer three points for ABC to consider that will ensure the show’s continued success,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

    1. “When Roseanne debuted on ABC, it quickly found an audience that was nostalgic for the show. At a time when tensions seem to be running so high across our nation, the program offered a brief and much-needed respite from all the noise. We hope ABC will ensure that the reboot offers that continued sense of nostalgia for the audience.
    2. Roseanne brought a much-needed political balance to prime time entertainment. With Roseanne Barr now out of the picture, we hope that The Conners will continue to embrace — or at least not assault — the political values held by conservative Americans.
    3. “Finally, we urge ABC to keep the The Conners family-friendly. It’s not often that families have TV shows available to watch together that are relatively free from nefarious adult content, or that use children to deliver sexually-explicit lines – a disturbing trend that we revealed in recent PTC research, but Roseanne was one of them.

    “We hope ABC takes note of what made Roseanne successful and applies that understanding to The Conners reboot,” Winter concluded.



    2 Responses to PTC Offers ABC Advice on How to Ensure Roseanne Spinoff The Conners is Successful

    1. Georgi Malchov
      July 12, 2018 at 5:20 am

      Tonight, ABC’s freshman summer drama Take Two, about an actress who teams up with a private investigator to solve crimes, will air perhaps the most boundinary-pushing episode in the history of TV shows… and it’s not good for families.

      Here’s the premise, according to TVLine:
      “Sam and Eddie race to find her ex-fiance’s stolen laptop, before a certain naughty video gets leaked online.”

      If you’re wondering what the “naughty video” is, it’s a sex tape.

      This is a new level of depravity. Apparently the show’s crew took a leaf from the unbelivably raunchy “comedy”(and I use that term very loosely) movie Sex Tape, and the Kim Kardashian sex tape scandal. Even worse is the fact that Take Two is rated TV-PG, meaning that, in ABC’s mind, the upcoming episode, titled “Ex’s and Oh’s”, is perfect for children 7 and up.

      This is yet more evidence that we need Ratings Reform

    2. Jonathan
      July 10, 2018 at 10:26 am

      All I hear is blah, blah, run the the show how we want because we’re parents blah,blah. (Bet this will be delayed for no reason as well).

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