Christopher Gildemeister

Parents Television Council
Head of Research Operations

Tim Winter
Dr. Gildemeister is an historian of American media and culture, and brings his knowledge and expertise in communications and entertainment media to his job as the PTC’s Head of Research Operations.

He also administers the PTC’s Seal of Approval program, which promotes responsible entertainment by rewarding family-friendly media.

Beginning as an entertainment analyst with the PTC in 2005, he was responsible for documenting the content on the UPN and ABC broadcast, and later the FX, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, and Spike cable networks. Promoted to PTC Senior Writer/Editor in 2008, he created the PTC Watchdog blog, and wrote the Culture Watch, TV Trends, Best, Worst, Cable Worst, and Misrated TV Show of the Week columns. He continues to contribute to the PTC’s blog, as well as writing the PTC’s Annual Reports, the monthly PTC Insider newsletter, and the weekly email newsletter, the Weekly Wrap. He has written five major research studies for the PTC: Faith in a Box: Religion on Entertainment Television, 2005-2006; Habitat for Profanity: Broadcast TV’s Sharp Increase in Foul Language, 2005-2010; and Protecting Children or Protecting Hollywood? A Twenty-Year Examination of the Effectiveness of the TV Content Ratings System (2015).

He has discussed media issues as a guest on The Mark Cope Show, The Georgene Rice Show, Point of View, The Meeting House, Bill Martinez Live, IRN Radio, Salem Radio News, Ave Maria Radio, and American Family Radio. He articles have been published on CNBC, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, Broadcasting & Cable, One News Now, The Christian Post, and GRAND magazine.

Dr. Gildemeister received his Ph.D. in American history from The Catholic University of America. He resides in the Los Angeles metropolitan area with his wife.