Shouldn't overseeing children's television viewing choices be the responsibility of parents, not that of the Parents Television Council?

The PTC agrees that the primary responsibility for a child's viewing habits rests with his parents.

SewageThe PTC tries to assist them by providing them with both information and a vehicle to effectively communicate their concerns to advertisers.

The fact that parents are ultimately responsible for their children's upbringing does not free the entertainment industry from taking responsibility for their product. The assertion that the sole responsibility lies with parents is a self-justifying claim usually made by people who wish to evade accountability.

It is much like pumping sewage into a town's river, while maintaining that parents only are responsible for protecting the health of their own children. Parental responsibility is the beginning, not the end, of the story. The next question is, to what extent do those who use public resources like the airwaves have a responsibility as well?

The default setting for broadcast television used to be family-oriented, while those desiring edgier, more explicit fare were free to seek it out. Today's prime time television programming has become almost uniformly unsuitable for families, and often directly hostile to their values, making it very difficult for parents to shield their children and seek out alternative entertainment.

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