Is it necessary for PTC reports to be so graphic? Can't you allude to what is on shows without describing in detail the material you're criticizing?

The PTC regrets the necessity of publishing graphic examples of content from the most offensive prime time shows. Because it would be unfair to criticize programs without knowing the specifics of objectionable dialogue and visuals, the PTC must provide members who wish to contact sponsors, the FCC, etc to criticize shows with precise, detailed information.

It is not the intent of the PTC to duplicate the practices we are criticizing. The PTC Insider and website are aimed at adults, and particularly parents, so that they will have accurate information about the offensive content of certain programs (information that the current ratings system and plot summaries do not provide). Knowing that "sunshine is the best disinfectant," it is our intent to provide the information you need to present companies with substantive objections to the programs they sponsor.

Also, the FCC currently requires a transcript of the show in order to investigate a broadcast indecency complaint. That means providing our members with the unpleasant facts about today's worst TV shows.

The PTC regrets that part of our mission necessitates presenting the unvarnished truth about television in order to convince those who support it to curtail offensive material. We hope you will take the information we provide in that spirit, and find it useful for that purpose.

How can I contact the PTC for further information?

Parents Television Council
707 Wilshire Boulevard #2075
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213) 403-1300