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Take Action Today Against
CBS' Vulgar TV Show

CBS’s risqué new drama, Reckless, premiered with kinky sexual content and even worse, a recurring group sex scene presumed to be a sexual assault! There is no place for this inappropriate material on primetime television, when our children and grandchildren could be watching.

The Parents Television Council (PTC) believes the airing of this material violates the Federal Broadcast Decency Law. Explicit sex scenes involving group sex have no place on the public airwaves at the times children are most likely to be in the audience.

Families across America, please take action right now:

  1. File a formal indecency complaint with the FCC today!
  2. Share this message with as many friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers as you can.

To continue our fight against material that undermines the sensibilities of most families, we desperately need your voice! Together, we can help make a real difference to improve the lives of our children.

Please, take action now… Because Our Children Are Watching . 

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If you actually need to see what CBS aired, click video below.
Do not watch if you are at all squeamish, and do not watch if there are children in the room.