Action Alert


Fox’s New Shocking Animated Programming Block Brought To You By… Extended Stay America

Take Action To Hold Them Accountable!

This past Saturday, Fox debuted a new animated programming block they are calling “Animation Domination, High-Def,” or ADHD, and it contains the most vulgar, the most vile, the most explicit content ever seen from a broadcast network.

And this week’s episode was sponsored, in part, by Extended Stay America.

Families across America need you to do two things right now.

1) CONTACT EXTENDED STAY AMERICA BELOW and let them know how disgusted and disappointed you are by their decision to support this shocking content with their advertising dollars, and

2) SHARE THIS MESSAGE with as many friends, family members, neighbors, and associates as you can. Facebook Twitter

If you want to read for yourself what Extended Stay America helped pay for with its ad dollars, see the Episode Content below. Warning: there is graphic adult content.

By aligning with Fox’s ADHD programming, Extended Stay America is complicit in bringing to broadcast television a cartoon about high schoolers graphically ‘sexting’ each other. Extended Stay America is underwriting cartoons featuring unbleeped profanity and allowing it to be marketed to children. This is unacceptable and must not be tolerated.

If you agree, then we urgently need you to take action today… Because Our Children Are Watching.