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Family Guy Pushes Rape, Child Molester "Jokes" At Kids!

The Sunday, November 10th episode of the Fox broadcast network (not to be confused with the Fox News Channel) program Family Guy pushed unbelievably vile sexual content at kids -- including "jokes" about child molestation, exploitation, rape, and the sexualized use of food and the perverse 'internal defrosting' of frozen hot dogs. Beyond the repugnant sexual content, the overall theme of the episode is that it is humorous for a boy to bully and beat up a girl.

Subway sponsored this sick episode of Family Guy!

Why would a restaurant chain like Subway want to tarnish its hard-earned brand image by underwriting such shocking and offensive material with its advertising dollars? More importantly, why would we – as concerned parents and grandparents – remain silent after learning what Subway has done?

The episode aired at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT – only 8 p.m. in the Central/Mountain time zones. Fox brags that Family Guy is "#1 with Teens"...and the show is watched by thousands of young children.  

To let Subway know what YOU think – and hold them accountable for their advertising choices -- PLEASE Take Action below. 

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(WARNING: Graphic Content! Please make sure there are no children near you when viewing the content!)

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