Action Center

The PTC effects change by mobilizing concerned parents and grandparents across America to take action; whether by writing to the networks responsible for airing the most offensive TV content and their local broadcast affiliates; petitioning Congress for the right to choose which cable channels they have coming into their homes; filing indecency complaints with the Federal Communications Commission; or contacting the sponsors responsible for underwriting the most offensive TV content with their advertising dollars.

Join an Ongoing Campaign

Join one of our national campaigns: Advertiser Accountability, Broadcast Indecency, Cable Choice, Female Sexualization, and Media Violence.

File an FCC Complaint

Fed up with indecent TV Content? File a complaint with the FCC.

Contact the Networks

Contact the networks and tell them what you think about their programs.

Contact the Advertisers

Let the advertisers know what you think of their sponsorship decisions.

Contact Congress

Contact your elected officials and ask them to support our rights as parents.