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Title: Parents Televison Council

Take Action Against Family Guy

Vomiting, Pedophilia, Genitalia – Brought to You by McDonald’s!

Image: Family GuideThis week, Fox’s raunchy cartoon Family Guy – which airs at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, only 8:00 p.m. in the Central/Mountain time zones -- exposed millions of children to the following:

WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT. Skip to the bottom of this message if you don’t wish to be exposed to the vulgar and offensive content that aired on Sunday’s Family Guy – but keep in mind, this content was broadcast into nearly every American home over the publicly-owned airwaves -- and was easily accessible to millions of children!


  • Charmese is examined by a gynecologist. Her legs are up on the stirrups as the doctor dons spelunking gear.
    Doctor: “All right, I'm going in. If I tug on the rope twice, that means pull me out.:
  • Squishing noises are heard. The nurse holds the rope that disappears into her crotch, which is covered by a blanket.
    Doctor: “God, who are the pigs who just throw their empty beer cans down here?”


  • Charmese demands Peter and Quagmire prove they are gay.
    “Enough! Kiss each other.”
  • Peter and Quagmire kiss, trading vomit from each other's mouths. They strip one another down to their underwear.
    (sobbing) “Me, too. Your body makes me so horny.”
  • Peter turns his back to Quagmire:
    “It's very close, Peter. The paint brush is about to touch the canvas.”


  • A pedophile yells at his mother.
    Pedophile: “Hey, ma. We got any pictures of me when I was a kid? Maybe something in a tub?”


  • Lois talks to Charmese.
    “Are you and Glen thinking about children?”
    Charmese: “Unfortunately, I can't have children.”
    “Oh, menopause?”
    “No, I got knifed in the vagina one Christmas.”


Two years ago, the PTC named McDonald’s one of the “Ten Best Advertisers of the Year” for sponsoring family-friendly programming. Now, the company that wants to sell your children Happy Meals is showing them men vomiting into each other’s mouths, allusions to anal sex, graphic references to women’s private parts, and jokes about pedophilia.

If YOU are disgusted by McDonalds sponsoring this sick program,  click below:

Contact McDonalds

Please forward this email to your friends and family members (but only to adults) who share your values on the issue.

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