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PTC Outreach to McDonalds
Letter from PTC to McDonalds about TV content (sent April 4, 2014)

Benefits of Responsible Advertising
America’s biggest retailer, Walmart conducted its own research and found that positive programming is good for brands. Walmart found an 18% improvement in performance of an ad when the ad was placed in a positive program versus negative. In other words, if marketers get $5.00 in sales for every dollar of advertising, those sales could be $5.90 simply by ensuring that their ads run on positive programming.

Studies & Articles
- Violence and Sex Impair Memory for TV ads
- Sex and violence? It may not sell soap, after all
- Alliance for Family Entertainment Proprietary Research Findings (Quantifying the Return on Investment of family-oriented programming on advertising effectiveness, brand purchase intent and brand equity)
- Effects of Television Violence on Memory for Commercial Messages

The McDonald's Public Image Dilemma:  Selling Happy Meals vs. Sponsoring Family-unfriendly Programs
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