Animation Domination Hi-Def (Fox ADHD) Campaign

Fox Cross Marketing X-Rated Cartoons with New Animated Programming Block


Just when you think network standards couldn’t get any lower, they do.

warningOn July 21, Fox gave viewers a preview of a new animated adult programming block they are calling ADHD (Animation Domination, High-Def ), right in the middle of primetime viewing hours. It already exists online.

What Fox showed viewers on Sunday night was tame compared with what they’ve made available online, and parents could understandably be misled into believing that ADHD is perfectly suitable for their youngster to watch. It’s not. And now it's on broadcast TV.

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Modeled on (and from the creator of) Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” programming block, Fox’s ADHD, as it exists online, features horrifically graphic, ultra-violent, sexually explicit, and profanity-laden cartoons. It will become a tempting forbidden fruit for millions of children, attracted to its animated format and themes like “High School USA!” and “Scientifically Accurate Spider Man.”

Online, teens and even younger children, can watch these x-rated cartoons for free and with absolutely no parental controls. Any eight-year-old could simply click and watch selections from a collection of three-minute cartoons that are more explicit than anything we’ve seen on broadcast television to-date.

And now Fox is going to choose morsels from this digital menu and serve them right in our living rooms, where Fox executives state, they hope one of their animated shorts will catch on to become a new hit series. Fox Entertainment Chairman, Kevin Reilly, told Daily Variety: “I’d like to find the next Family Guy out of this block.”

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