Broadcast Indecency Campaign

PTC Complaints filed from 2004 to Present
Air Date Program Network
6/29/2014 Reckless CBS
1/16/2014 Dads Fox
11/15/2013 Family Guy Fox
4/24/2013 American Dad Fox
2/4/2013 Super Bowl  CBS
9/21/2011 X Factor  Fox
5/2/2010 Family Guy  Fox
1/10/2010 Chuck  NBC
1/3/2010 American Dad  Fox
12/13/2009 Family Guy Fox
11/22/2009 American Music Awards  ABC
3/8/2009 Sexual content on CBS's “Family Guy”  Fox
10/20/2008 Sexual content on CBS's “Two and a Half Men”   CBS
9/25/2008 Nudity on CBS's “Survivor: Gabon” CBS
9/11/2008 Unbleeped “S-word” on NBC's “Today Show”  NBC
8/5/2008  Unbleeped “F-word” on CBS’s “Big Brother 10”   CBS
7/10/2008  Threesome on CBS's “Swingtown”   CBS
4/3/2008 Sexual content on NBC’s “My Name Is Earl”  NBC
3/26/2008  Nude photo shoot on CW during “America's Next Top Model”   CW
2/15/2008  Nudity on NBC's “Las Vegas”  NBC
2/14/2008  NBC airs unbleeped “C-word” on the “Today Show”  NBC
1/15/2008 Unbleeped “F-word” on ABC’s “Good Morning America”   ABC
2/26/2007 CSI Miami CBS
1/13/2007 NFL Football Fox
9/21/2006 Desire MTV
8/27/2006 Emmy Awards NBC
12/25/2005 NCIS CBS
12/20/2005 Billboard Music Awards Fox
11/15/2005 VIBE Awards UPN
11/6/2005 Family Guy Fox
7/2/2005 Live 8 ABC
6/15/2005 The Inside Fox
2/17/2005 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS
12/31/2004 Without a Trace CBS
10/7 & 10/14/04 Life as we know it ABC
9/17/2004 Big Brother 5 CBS
8/31/2004 Father of the Pride NBC
3/24/2004 That '70s Show Fox
2/2/2004 NFL Super Bowl XXXVIII Half Time Show CBS