Voice Your Support for Cable Choice!

Are you upset about the graphic violence, sexual content and profanity targeted to your children? Why should you have to pay for shows like MTV or FX in order to get more family-friendly shows on Nickelodeon and the History Channel?

Paying for cable means you are subsidizing many programs that you want NO part of.

UNBUNDLING CABLE CHANNELS, by supporting cable choice, and allowing you to buy ONLY the channels that you want to watch is is the only fair solution. 

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Our automatic online tool to contact a representative is undergoing a redesign, so for now, feel free to use (https://www.house.gov/representatives/find/)  to find your US Representative's contact information. You can use the text below as inspiration for your letter.



Dear Honorable [Name of US Respresentative]:

I am writing you today to ask you to put an end to the licensed extortion of American families by the cable industry.

America’s families are underserved by the broadcast networks, so it is only natural that nearly 90% of Americans choose to subscribe to cable to increase their viewing options. But as things stand now, if I want to subscribe to the Disney channel, I am also forced to get and pay for the FX network, MTV, Comedy Central, and a slew of other cable channels that I not only don’t want coming into my home, and which undermine the values I hold dear.

It would be unthinkable for a magazine publisher to tell you that in order to get “Better Homes and Gardens,” you also have to pay for a subscription to “Playboy.” But in effect, that’s exactly what the cable industry has been forcing cable subscribers to do for years.

The cable industry’s response, of course, is to say that if you don’t want MTV, or FX you can always block the channel – but MTV is still getting a portion of my monthly cable bill, whether I watch or not.

WHY should I be forced to subsidize channels that assault my core values and beliefs? Offering parents the ability to choose the channels they want, and to pay only for those channels, puts power back in the hands of the consumer – of parents – and forces the producers of indecent or violent programming to fund their own raunch.

The cable industry has been carried on the backs of American consumers long enough. It is time for this extortion to end.

Thank you