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In this section of our website we feature several columns which keep readers up to date on the latest outrageous TV content and trends. Find our more about our columns below.

Sign-UpBest of Broadcast TV:  highlights child-friendly programs with positive messages, and which can comfortably be viewed by the entire family.
Worst of Broadcast TV:
serves to warn parents against programs dangerous for children, describing in detail the violence, sex, profanity, and other negative behaviors shown.
Worst of Cable TV: 
documents the offensive content parents are forced to pay for when purchasing expanded basic cable for the family-friendly and educational programming it offers.

WEEKLY COLUMNS: Week of August 17

Best of Broadcast TV

    Running Wild with Bear Grylls on NBC

    Physical challenges and survival in the wilderness have become staples of “reality” programming; but few shows use the premise in as family-friendly a fashion a...


Worst of Broadcast TV

    Bachelor in Paradise on ABC

    On August 4th, ABC introduced yet another spin-off from the popular “reality” TV show The Bachelor, calledBachelor in Paradise. The ta...


Worst of Cable TV

    Dating Naked on VH1

    A bra is thrown onto the beach. Following are a couple’s naked legs, with swimsuit bottoms hitting the sand. “When I met you, I saw everything!” blares the...




    Hannibal on NBC

    The corpse of a woman impaled on a spiked device resembling exercise equipment, her pants and shirt entirely soaked in blood. A severed arm grasping a cell phone in its han...


TV Trends

    Nick Jr.’s NickMom: Not For Kids!

    Nick Jr. is a pay-TV network with programming intended for 2-6 year olds. Nick Jr.’s website boasts that the channel is a “safe, educational place” filled...


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