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TV Review

Traveling Trio

Release Date: 11/29/2012

Olivia, Everett, and Ingram Gray are The Traveling Trio, a group of enthusiastic pre-teen siblings who visit various nations all over the world, allowing the viewer to learn about other countries and cultures.

Unlike many series aimed at children, The Traveling Trio doesn’t stint on the educational aspects, and offers viewers a firm grounding in the geography and history of each country visited, along with a brief lesson in simple phrases in the local language. But the program isn’t a dry, textbook-style presentation; along with the lessons and local scenery, the Trio engages in activities like learning folk dances, going white-water rafting, and visiting menageries, museums and mines.

Children are naturally curious and interested in learning about the world around them. Television can help to provide such information, but rarely does. At a time when all too many media outlets try to pass off cartoons and extended commercials as “Educational and Informative” (to meet with the federally-mandated requirements for children’s “E/I” programming), The Traveling Trio shows how such series OUGHT to be done – with enthusiastic, engaged children as hosts, lots of information and facts presented in easily digested (but not dumbed-down) doses, and kids having interesting experiences and fun. Parents who watch the program with their children are guaranteed to learn something, as well.

Because of the spectacular education and entertainment it offers, the Parents Television Council is proud to award The Traveling Trio with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM.

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