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TV Review


Release Date: 11/29/2010

“Keeping the Planet Green and Blue,” Aqua Kids is an Emmy award-winning educational program syndicated to many local stations around the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and internationally. World traveler and ecologist Molly McKinney joins with a number of children and teenagers to host half-hour explorations of subjects related to nature, marine animals and environments, and “green” technologies.

In addition to educating viewers, Aqua Kids also encourages children and teens to get involved, showing them how they too can help make a difference in preserving the environment. Episodes have focused on topics as diverse as visits to aquariums, cleaning up beaches, deep-sea research, fish farms, and the local environment of the Bahamas, and include a heavy emphasis on various marine animals, from lobsters to dolphins.

Aqua Kids is a terrific example of programming that is entertaining, educational and fun. The Parents Television Council is proud to award Aqua Kids with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM. We encourage kids and parents to seek out this delightful program.