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TV Review


Release Date: 11/29/2010

EnviroPals! is an educational television program which uses song, dance, puppets, and colorful characters to teach children about a wide range of science-, animal-, and green-friendly subjects. Each episode features several segments: an opening in which the topic of that episode is introduced; the “Enviro-Tip,” which gives detailed information about the topic; the “Critter Connection,” in which a zookeeper or animal expert discusses a particular animal; “Enviro Do and Show,” a craft project which kids can assemble themselves; and “Tree Mail,” an interview with a guide from a national, state, or local park or nature attraction. Each episode also includes several original songs (which cleverly restate the information imparted in the rest of the episode), with music encouraging children to dance. The entire program is hosted by RaeRae, a talking, costumed red panda. EnviroPals! imparts an impressive amount of detailed information in a creative fashion easily understandable and enjoyable to young children. Subjects have included the U.S. national park system, how windmills work, natural springs, the various states of matter in physics, alternative energy, gardening, insects, oceans, and recycling. From its emphasis on song and dance, to its “do-it-yourself” projects, and its advocacy of children “getting involved,” EnviroPals! also provides ample encouragement for kids to engage in educational and creative activities themselves. Because of its educational value, the Parents Television Council is proud to award EnviroPals! with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM. The PTC recommends this program for viewers over age three.