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TV Review

Small Town Big Deal

Release Date: 1/13/2014


RFD-TV: Thursday, 9:30 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) / 8:30 p.m. (Central/Mountain)

Family Net: Thursday, 8:30pm (Eastern) / 7:30pm (Central/Mountain);
Sunday, 7:00am (Eastern) /6:00am Central

Syndicated: Click for schedule

From maple syrup gathering in New England to California’s Mid-Winter Fiesta, from the Cooperstown baseball bat company to Iowa’s Amana colonies, from Civil War re-enactments to the Navy’s Blue Angels stunt-flying team, this light-hearted and informative program tells the true stories of the people, places, and events in small-town America’s rural heartland – stories which the coastally-centered news and entertainment industries ignore. Each episode features two segments, often on geographically close but unrelated subjects (like the Winston Churchill Museum and the World Bird Sanctuary, both in Missouri). Hosts Jann Carl and Rodney Miller bring an inquisitive and enthusiastic attitude to exploring the little-known yet fascinating events, people, and places of our country.

Small Town Big Deal contains no harmful or offensive content. With the exception of the occasional battle re-enactment or war-themed museum exhibit, nothing related to violence is shown, and the program contains no other material of concern to parents.

Because of its educational yet entertaining content and its emphasis on family-friendly values, the Parents Television Council is proud to award Small Town Big Deal with the PTC Seal of Approval®. The PTC recommends this program for viewers of all ages.

Small Town Big Deal airs on RFD-TV and Family Net.

RFD-TV is available on DirecTV channel 345, Dish Network channel 231, and most cable systems. Family Net is available on some cable systems.

Small Town Big Deal airs on RFD-TV and Family Net, and can be seen in syndication in approximately 80 percent of the country. To find Small Town Big Deal on a station near you, click here.

SEX None
VIOLENCE Battle re-enactments, guns, references to war